Review of the Dell 1609WX Projector

Review of the Dell 1609WX Projector

Dell has made a movie projector at a real budget price. The 1609wx has a twin VGA- in ports and one DVI-in port. This method you can have a movie or a slide presentation on your computer and at the same time flash the image on the wall.

This portable movie projector projects in 16:10 format with auto sync up to 1600 x 1200 UXGA. The 1609WX promises to delivers a maximum brightness of 2500 Lumens and 1900:1 contrast ratio for high colours and sharp image quality. This is plus point if you are unable to completely off the lights in the room.

The other features include automatic keystone correction and adjustable rear legs. Video playback is excellent for widescreen movies as this is a widescreen projector. This Dell 1609WX projector has the proprietry multi-colour processing and BrilliantColour technology which promises spectacular colour performance, image accuracy and picture reliability. They claims the that the magic is in the mirrors. I guess it’s the mirrors that blends in all the lights and colors.

One of the inconveniences is probably the shut down time. It claims to be fast, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Quick start up and shut down is basic for the busy executives on the run. Also the weight of the projector is 2.25kg which is heavier than most projectors. But if you are using it to play movies most of the time, then it should not be that big a problem. For that kind of pricing, it is worth the weight.

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