Reiki Therapy – 5 Ways Reiki Assists Children to Be Happy and Healthy

Many parents are learning Reiki to assist with the health and happiness of their children. Reiki Therapy is a hands on healing modality using vibrational energy from the Divine. Reiki is performed by placing your hands on the recipient and channeling energy to heal. This is a simple course of action which anyone with a desire to learn can master very quickly. Children including toddlers and babies find Reiki very soothing and calming.

Reiki therapy heals on all levels including Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. A healing session of Reiki for children usually lasts a much shorter time than adults. Children will indicate they have had enough Reiki energy by moving away.

1. A Reiki session for children is very advantageous for headaches, tooth ache, ear ache, sore throats, teething, aches and pains, sadness and upsets etc. Reiki can also be used to calm a distressed child and has been found to have positive effects on children with ADD and ADHD, and or behavioral problems.

2. Reiki is very advantageous for children pre and post operatively as it assists in keeping the child calm whilst assisting with any discomfort they may be feeling. It has also been reported to assist with any feelings of fear or abandonment they may be feeling whilst in a strange ecosystem like hospital, dental surgery or already whilst visiting a friend or relative.

3. Reiki has been a great comfort to children receiving treatment for Cancer including Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. Many people including adults have reported positive outcomes to treatment when they have received a Reiki healing prior to traditional medical therapies and treatments.

4. Reiki is and easy first aid treatment for childhood accidents including falls, sprains, broken limbs and bleeding. Reiki has been known to aid the healing course of action considerably and is excellent for stopping bleeding and reduces blood loss after and accident.

5. A quick Reiki session is also wonderful to assist children to go to sleep peacefully and having a peaceful unbroken night sleep. It has also been used by many parents to soothe a child who ha s woken in the night distressed.

The immense strength and healing benefits of Reiki Therapy for Children is unlimited. Children from a young age can easily be attuned to Reiki energy and perform their own healing sessions if they wish.

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