Reclaim Your Natural Intuition and Awaken Your Psychic Senses

Reclaim Your Natural Intuition and Awaken Your Psychic Senses

Harness Your Intuitive Powers!

We are all psychic to some degree. already if you don’t think you are, take a moment to ingemination a time when you ‘thought’ of a friend and then they called you or you bumped into them while you were out, or when you just ‘know’ who is on the phone when it rings. We have all had a time where we have had a gut instinct about a person or situation. You may have been relieved when you did, or been regretful when you did not take notice!

We need to learn to follow our intuition and take action when guidance comes, as intuition is God’s gift to us. Because of our busy lives and changes in society over time, many people have lost their connection to not only the Divine but also their inner and higher selves. Children are born with heightened psychic abilities, but if left ignored, doubted or unnoticed, they can easily be lost, especially by the age of about seven. That is not to say they are lost for good, but rather can be tucked away or shelved. The possible is always there for these natural gifts to come back, which is why many believe it is so important for children’s natural abilities to be nurtured, supported, promoted and protected. This also applies to adults. If you take a moment to mirror that we are spiritual beings living in human bodies, you will intuitively know that your psychic senses are a natural, God-given part of yourself. And it is ours by birth-right there to be reclaimed.

Ego vs Intuition

Many of us doubt our intuitive abilities, and question or already ignore guidance or intuitive feelings that we get. There is often a battle between what is known as the ‘ego’ (our mind or intellect), and what is coming from our intuition.

After a while of practising being in a conscious, mindful state of awareness and having a go at psychic techniques or using tools, you will be able to not only more quickly ascertain between the two, but also learn to shut down the voice of the ego, and turn up your psychic receptors.

Your intuition is screaming for you to notice and follow its guidance which comes in many forms such as ideas, thoughts, visions or feelings. It is important to trust the signs and messages that you receive; stay open and aware; and also take action.

So take a moment to be nevertheless and breathe, quieten your mind and listen to the beat of your own heart. What is it telling you? Guidance often comes from within, instead of external supplies, but at the end of the day, we are all one.

Learn more about the specific psychic senses that we each potentially have in my related article: “The Four Main Psychic Senses”. Take a look to ascertain which psychic sense(s) you most resonate with or that might be lying idle.

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