Real Phone Psychics – WARNING! What the Skeptics AND Psychic Hotlines …

Are phone psychics real? Can you really get a legitimately informative, insightful and enlightening psychic reading on the telephone? It amazes how much BAD information there is out there about phone psychics, mediums and clairvoyants…and believe it or not, the myths come from BOTH the psychic sets AND the skeptics alike. (it’s not very often THOSE two groups get lumped in together, either..:-)

What the phone psychic sets don’t want you to know?

That the great majority of them are NOT really psychic. Mostly because there is very little testing, reviewing or proof needed to get work as a specialized psychics these days…SIMPLY because the need is so high. As a matter of fact, most of the popular networks do NO verification at all, simply taking for granted that the intuitive’s who apply for work, are as good as they potential.

(unfortunately most aren’t anywhere nearly as good as they believe they are)

Psychic Source, is a well known example of a service that DOES test their applicants, and as a consequence….they are well known to hire less than 10% of those who apply. (according to recent statistics, they only hire 6%….leaving the other 94% to find work in other places, which they usually do)

What the SKEPTICS don’t want you to know?

That telephone psychic readings are widely considered to be the MOST evidential, and have been tested MOST by modern science, with AMAZING and astonishing success.

For example? The University of Arizona Veritas Lab, the Windbridge Institute and other serious scientific studies have been done, and continue to be done with phone readings, and continue to amaze most open minded obverservers with the information that comes by.

Famous mediums like John Edward, George Anderson and others were featured in the University of Arizona’s well proven studies, which later were turned into the HBO documentary, “The Afterlife Experiments”.

Most of the BEST psychics working today work mostly by phone..and the reasons for this are longer than I could list in one short article. Suffice it to say, if you think about it, the chances of cheating, or cold reading are FAR lower on the phone than in person….and some of the most AMAZING readings I’ve gotten in 20 years have been on the telephone. (and if you are a psychic junkie like me…..I KNOW you agree!)

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