Real Estate Market Predictions For the Year 2010

Real Estate Market Predictions For the Year 2010

Many real estate buyers and sellers are wondering how the real estate market will fare in 2010. The predictions highlighted in this article would definitely help them. The real estate market predictions made here cover the wide vicinity of the United States of America and Canada.

2010 Real estate market predictions

What should you expect from the real estate market in 2010? The sense prevailing among the experts is that the real estate market would start showing improvements throughout 2010. Given below are the reasons behind the projected improvement:

1. Recovering economy

2. Affordable mortgage rates

3. Dropped home values matching good deals

4. Decreased inventory due to value bargain seekers

5. No longer historic lows to the 30-year fixed rate mortgage

Though the economic condition is a long way from being labeled “healthy”, things are becoming little by little stable since 2008. There are high expectations of improvement in the real estate sector in 2010. already though 2010 doesn’t offer all the solutions, which it certainly wouldn’t, it is probable that home values would become steadier and grow from the upsetting lows of the present time.

Existing home sales in Calgary Alberta for the period of January to September 2009 went up 63%. This is undoubtedly a positive indication.

Housing market dilemma: Buy, sell or rent?

Countless individuals are asking themselves the question whether they should buy, sell or rent a home. The answer to this question is dependent on every individual situation. Given below are some circumstances where somebody might go for any of the three.

Someone who already intends to buy a home might opt to buy it sooner than later. If they do this, they can save 8 to 10 thousand dollars on an average during 2010. They might also get the opportunity to lock in an interest rate for a long term that is considerably reasonable.

Another individual might prefer to sell his home in 2010 if he has a huge debt burden. The equity accumulated in their homes might be a net negative if the interest rate applicable for their debts is higher. Though he might build up $10,000 in equity, he might be spending twice on home renovation, credit card debt and mortgages. The strain of making payments when somebody is unemployed or has low job security must not be taken too lightly.

In these situations, many people might go for renting till the time they are in a position to buy. You mustn’t allow anxiety and greediness to inspire or encourage you to make a home buying decision. In a world crammed with discord and chaos, many people feel that leading an uncomplicated life has bigger returns than going after unstable markets.

Housing price approximations and decision

Every individual has to make a decision themselves since they would have to survive with their decision. 2010 would optimistically be a year of improvement and economic recovery. No matter what the situation is, predictions on the real estate market in 2010 would help you make a wise decision.

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