Quick Sex locaiongs Women Love – 5 Sex locaiongs To Keep Her Coming Ba…

Quick Sex locaiongs Women Love – 5 Sex locaiongs To Keep Her Coming Ba…

With so many sex locaiongs to choose from, there is no doubt every woman will have her favorite. And every woman knows her taste can change now and then, which is why it’s best to keep exploring. We’ve all heard of the missionary position, which can be a very intimate and arousing for women who enjoy direct eye contact and a partner who leads the way. The reverse is also true. Many women prefer being on top and controlling the rhythm… While those are the more typical sex locaiongs, there are so many more variations if you leave a little room in your imagination…

  1. The Tigress Position: Also known as reverse cowgirl. In this sex position, the man lies on his back, while the woman sits astride him, facing his feet. She can then lean back with one hand on his chest and straddle him. Many women love this position, because it allows them to be in total control. It also allows for easier clitoral stimulation.
  2. Congress Of A Cow: Is also known as rear entry position. In this sex position, a woman supports herself on both hands and knees, arching her back, while her partner enters her from behind. This form of intercourse offers deeper penetration and is extremely arousing for women who enjoy giving over control to their partner.
  3. Widely Opened Position: Both partners confront each other, while the woman raises her thighs and wraps her legs around her partner’s waist, who kneels over her. While he holds her under her back, both partners can easily thrust in this position. It also allows for direct clitoral and g-identify stimulation.
  4. Milk and Water Embrace: This is a sitting position and is best performed in a chair with no arms. While the man is seated, the woman mounts him, while facing away from him. She can then rock back and forth, while her partner rubs her clitoris with his hand.
  5. Yawning Position: In this position, the woman lies on her back and raises her legs to place them on her partner’s shoulders. He then moves in, thrusting deeply with his pelvis. This position allows women to surrender control to their partner. It also offers a deeper level of penetration that simultaneously stimulates the g-identify.

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