Qualifying For Car Loans After Bankruptcy: Some Easy Pointers

Qualifying For Car Loans After Bankruptcy: Some Easy Pointers

It might seem that getting any kind of loan after being ruled bankrupt should be considered something of a pipedream. But already when a new car is needed, there are options obtainable to bankruptees. In fact, with a sensible approach and a strong enough application, getting a car loan after bankruptcy is pretty easy.

Of course, there are conditions to your bankruptcy that need to be considered too, not least the chapter that your case was filed under. For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually method credit availability is cut off for as long as 12 months, while under Chapter 13, applicants may have to wait between 2 years and 4 years before they can hope to get approval despite bankruptcy.

Overall, bankruptcy is going to affect your credit standing for about 10 years, but within that time it is possible to get a car loan – and what is more, sooner instead of later. But what are the points to consider when trying to obtain one?

1. Be Patient and Wise

Just because financing to buy a new car is obtainable, it would be foolish to seek the maximum sum possible. After all, lenders are more likely to grant a car loan after bankruptcy if the applicant shows genuine consideration for their responsibility to repay the loan.

So forget about getting a $30,000 sports car, and concentrate on a modest set of wheels. Getting a used car is your best bet. If a budget of perhaps $10,000 is applied, the chances of securing approval despite bankruptcy are increased greatly.

Also, use some time getting your financial situation in order before trying to obtain a car loan. Make sure your bank balance is in a comparatively good state, and that no noticeable bills exist.

Find A Lender That Offers A Deal

Traditional lenders are not usually open to the idea of granting car loans after bankruptcy, so it may be necessary to look towards some of the different loan supplies. The best option is an online lender, and with the comparison sites that exist, it is easy to find a competitive loan within seconds.

nevertheless, already when a great deal is quoted, take your time to check out the reputation of the particular lender on the Better Business Bureau website and make sure they are authentic and trustworthy. The potential of loan approval despite bankruptcy is often used by unscrupulous lenders to reel in the public.

Finally, be sure to read the small print in any car loan agreement. There may be hidden charges that turn what seems a great deal into an expensive one.

Other Steps Worth Taking

There some steps to take that can cut the overall costs when seeking a car loan after bankruptcy, and

already provide some security to ease lender concerns. Making a down payment is one way to reduce the size of the loan needed, with a 10% payment the most commonly made.

However, when dealing with the car dealership itself, be aware that a down payment is never obligatory. Some unscrupulous dealers will say it is, but this is not the case at all. It is up to the buyer to decide if they want to make it, and to decide how much. But of course, with one it is easier to get approval despite bankruptcy.

Finally, by adding a cosigner to your application, approval of the car loan is nearly certain. This is because the cosigner acts as a guarantor, so the likelihood of default is reduced to nearly nil. Be aware, however, that a cosigner needs to have an excellent credit record and a good enough income to be accepted.

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