Psychic Ability – Is it Good Enough?

Psychic Ability – Is it Good Enough?

A psychic is the nonproprietary information to describe some one who has the ability to sense something without prior knowledge. They are sometimes called a medium, an empath or a sensitive. Psychics are a translators of information they is attained in an often unknown paranormal way. So does being a great and accurate psychic make you a good psychic reader?

The answer is not inevitably! Just because a person is psychic it does not automatically follow that they are grounded, kind, wise,impartial or that they don’t have their own issues or bug produces.


Predictions can be described as psychically received information that truly describes/predicts future events and outcomes. Some shared aids used are by Clairvoyance are Dowsing with a pendulum, Automatic writing, Tarot and Runes. But there are many other potent methods that psychics may use such as holding an objects belonging to the person requesting the psychic reading (psychometry). Some psychic don’t need anything at all except to hear your voice of be given your name. The method used doesn’t matter as much as number one, how accuaret are they? Number two, how good are they at interpreting and conveying truthfully what they are picking up? Are they being inpartial and do you feel that they have your best interests at heart?

So what ‘additional’ skills should you look for when tracking down a good psychic to acquire a reading in addition to psychic ability?

A good reputation is a given, if they have a few years of experience, thats can be a bonus too. If you know they have been tested by the press or TV, that can be quite a good indication but what is of equal importance? I would advise a seeker to find a well educated psychic that may also have counselling skills. Why? Because although you have phoned them for a psychic reading and don’t want a counsellor, it does show they are of a certain standard in many ways. First of all and most importantly this will average that they should have been taught how to care for people’s emotional wellbeing and know about ethics! Secondly, if they thought enough about what they do as a psychic to realise that their job may require them to deal with and help those in shock, the bereaved, the broken hearted and distressed at times, and knew that some clients would need their skill and help far more than just simply being given accurate psychic information, It does show that they are well aware of their responsibility and care enough about their clients to get themselves trained in the best way to help those who consult them.

It may also indicate that they have been taught to be impartial and non judgemental. This is an important skill for a psychic to have and will help them impart honestly any psychic information that they glean for you with out censoring or pre-judging either you or your current situation. It will also average that they will be able to put you in touch with or advise you to seek the help of other specialized in different fields should you need it.

If you consult a psychic and they appear to have any form of obvious prejudice, be very weary that they’re not allowing this their own hang ups to get mixed up and included in the advice they are imparting to you as facts and psychic information. Choose a warm, genuine psychic who has the ability to detach a little from themselves and their likes and dislikes and who is able to consequently be completely honest with you about the psychic reading they are offering you and the information that comes by uncensored where appropriate.

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