progressive Polymer Repair Products – Save Time, Money, and Aggravation

progressive Polymer Repair Products – Save Time, Money, and Aggravation

In today’s economy, industry, state, government agencies, and maintenance engineers everywhere are being forced to do more with less. With operating budgets well below average, facilities and organizations of all multitudes are no longer able to replace pieces of capital equipment, or attempt major structural rehabilitation projects. However, with technology advancing at an exponential rate there are alternate routes around having to replace valuable pieces of machinery, equipment, and structures. progressive composite, coating, and rebuilding systems are beginning to have a strong presence in facility management and maintenance schedules worldwide. These progressive polymer repair products are cost effective, commercially proven, and often save organizations tens of thousands of dollars by reducing life cycle cost, increasing efficiency, decreasing down time, and providing longterm solutions.

Historically these polymer repair products are used in addressing concrete rehabilitation, water intrusion, erosion, corrosion, leaking pipes and roofs, impact, shock, chemical attack, online hydrostatic pressure leaks, and fluid flow related issues.


• Leaking Elevator Pits

• Water Intrusion of basements and sub-basements

• Wheel chair transitions

• Pump coatings

• Leaking Pipes

• Shaft Repairs in place or on a lathe

• Broadcast floors

• Sealing of a wide variety of roofs from EPDM to Metal

• Industrial Floor Coatings for heavy use and tear zones from kitchens to Air Force Hangers

• Containment Areas experiencing from chemical attack

• Retro-fitting of Cooling towers to extend the life of the unit

• Tube Shell Heat Exchangers and corresponding End Bells

• Tanks

• Non-skid surfacing

These systems are used by organizations of a variety of sizes. From the YMCA, School Districts, Cities, Counties, Commercial Buildings and Structures, Refineries, Hospitals, Nuclear strength Plants all the way up to the United States Navy. These systems will be more expensive than the traditional over the counter repair method. However, when repairs are being made year after year, these systems pay off greatly in the back end. Often these companies will have no heart ache about coming in and educating you and your team about their products, and often this can be valuable to your team. Just remember that there are dozens of manufacturers of systems such as these. It pays off to do your homework before moving forward with a company.

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