Procedure to continue The Air Conditioning System

Procedure to continue The Air Conditioning System

It is a fact that keeping the air conditioning system clean will not only lower your electricity bills but will also consequence in increasing the comfort during the hot summer months. As per the US Department of Energy, the cooling is usually responsible for about 12 % of the electricity bills. This bill increases for the people who don’t continue their air conditioners.

Mostly there are two main parts in the central air conditioners: a evaporator and compressor. The condenser ( compressor) is a outdoor unit which is placed outside the house. The evaporator is mounted on the main duct and is indoor unit.

The air conditioning system is cleaned to increase the air flow across the evaporator and condenser to continue the system in peak working condition.

Before you proceed with the maintenance, it is very basic that the strength supply to the unit is completely shut off. Also turn the thermostat to “off” from the “cool” position to prevent its closest switching on when you connect back the strength.


An important step in maintaining your air conditioner is by keeping the outdoor unit clean as it is exposed to dirt, pollen, etc which could make difficulty the flow of air. While maintaining remove the weeds, grass or vines. You can remove the guard grill covering the condenser wire go gain a easy access.

The aluminium fan be easily cleaned by a soft brush. You should take care to use a dust disguise to prevent inhaling the dust. For wire cleaning use aerosol or some other cleaning liquid. After application, wait for 8-10 minutes and then rinse it be softly spraying some water, but please avoid using the garden hose. Leave it to dry off and it is ready for use.

To prevent any build up of dirt in future, cover the condenser when it is not in use (in winter or fall) with a cover.


The cleaning procedure for the air conditioner is dependent upon the accessibility. If the package is a sealed box, you won’t be able to do much. But sometimes the plenum comes with a opening which is covered with a access panel and is sealed with some insulation which is wrapped in the foil.

Clean the evaporator’s bottom with the help of a brush. The tray beneath the evaporator can be cleaned with the water. You can add some bleach ( a tablespoon) in the tray and the pipe for preventing the algae and mold from growing. After cleanup, you can turn-on the air conditioner unit.

If somehow you can not perform this maintenance yourself, you must hire some trained specialized for this job. You must remember that regular maintenance is much better and cheaper than a malfunctioning air conditioner.

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