Preventative Maintenance in Hydro strength Plants

Preventative Maintenance in Hydro strength Plants

Hydro strength – environmental friendly. The hydropower industry is an environmentally friendly energy source. With a contribution of 19% to global energy production, hydropower is the largest source of replaceable energy. It is ranked fourth in electricity generation and has become an increasingly important mainstay in strength production. It protects our earth’s fossil fuel reserves, it is always obtainable, it does not run out, it does not produce waste and it does not add to global warming.

From rivers and reservoir lakes, a total of 15 billion MW could be generated yearly. Currently only 20% are used. consequently the need for hydroelectric strength is expected to grow of the next few years.

Areas for Application. Today the customers require that the plant is operating reliable and continuously with very few downtimes. In order to increase equipment availability a vibration and condition monitoring system is a prerequisite.

Riveja has an answer to those demanding requirements and provides a comprehensive and flexible system which can be alternation to individual applications.

The message device is acquiring vibration and course of action signals and PLC / Profibus communi-cation data synchronously. The integrated AMDT/V2 module enables vibration examination and monitoring in combination with other digital and anlog IO modules.

The devices are easily integrated into the existing company network via an Ethernet connection. The measurement data is than easy to reach to any department depending on the access rights.

The huge advantage of the Message devices is that that one comprehensive system covers all measurement, monitoring and alarm management roles. The powerful diagnostic examination roles give a clear indication of the current position of the hydro turbine and pin points to any area with a rising problem. The early detection of technical problems prevents the system for major damages and gives an indication where to focus on during the next maintenance stop.

The modular concept of the Message devices enables the customers to develop tailor made solutions. The devices can be alternation individually to any number of inputs. The equipment is usually DIN rail mounted and fitted to control cabinets.

Software for Monitoring & Diagnostics. Riveja offers the ProfiSignal software which provides a complete development ecosystem to configure easily individual HMI screens to give the operator in the control room a maximum overview of the equipment position.

The powerful software channels inside the device can be used to configure many alarm roles with the ability to switch outputs or to control the equipment or to begin emergency shut downs. The integrated event channels can report any limit violations e.g. by SMS or e-mail messages. For larger applications it is recommended to configure an Alarm table for a consolidated overview of the plant position.

The device provides an internal data storage capacity of 1 GB with 128 Mio records. The software package provides a functional examination by a seamless change between online and historical offline data. However, for long-lasting monitoring the online trend plotting and evaluation is most appropriate.

Options – Portable Systems. Riveja offers also many different products to cover the requirements of the maintenance and commissioning engineers in the hydropower sector. Very popular are the custom-made mobile measurement situations for vibration and course of action examination.

The system records vibration, course of action and performance data for the duration of the commissioning and final approval phases.

Sensor connectors are obtainable as required with 4mm plugs, screw terminals and thermo or BNC connectors in shared usage. Message devices are protected against earth loops and are consequently obtain against errors occurring during data recording. Sensor inputs are true differential and consequently ensure a high level of accuracy.

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