Pirate vs Aliens – Buildbox template Android

Pirate vs Aliens - Buildbox template Android


Pirate vs Aliens is an amazing and addictive game complete of adventures. Super Spaceman World is appropriate for all ages, It’s a Running Adventure game where you need to cross different obstacles, conquer dangers, Along the way, Try to collect as many as possible coins you find, so you can unlock the World levels ahead in the game. This game made by buildbox 2.3.3 software has Different Worlds that make it more challenging.


This game has generated by buildbox 2.3.3 software • Easy Resking with [Spritesheet Editor] • sustain newest API 27 or latest API Version • There are Help Documentation for easy reskin


  • Android Studio 3+
  • Buildbox 2.3.3 /2.3.8


How to Re-skin : 
• In the Documentation you can search detailed information on how to re-skin this project. 
• You can change settings all of the game course of action, it’s easy, you just need to change the value in the settings file. 
• Also you will be able to setup Ad-Mob in just a minute by inserting your ads IDs and nothing else! 
• Project has good documentation and you can contact us to solve your problem! Thanks for stopping by If you like our work and purchased one of them, don’t forget to rate and follow to receive all our new work For sustain: Feel free to contact us [email protected] Give us feedback or any advises.

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