Pete’s Betfair Methods – specialized Betfair Training System

Pete’s Betfair Methods – specialized Betfair Training System

Dear friend,

We have put together a trading instructional manual for those wanting to know how to trade on Betfair. Now many people trade on Betfair without understanding the market dynamics, and afterward fail to capitalise on what the markets really have to offer.

The real truth, is that most people who use Betfair will lose money, because they have not adhered to basic principles; and the reason they have not adhered to these details is because they are not shared knowledge.

Think about it, the way Betfair works is by those who trade successfully being paid by those who have lost their trades.

This is basically how it works.

Many times we have been asked if we would be prepared to show information that can produce an income every year, tax free. I was hesitant at first, because although I used to show my methods, I have not done for a number of years.

Back in 2004 when I was working part-time, I usually found myself with some free time on my hands during the day, as my wife worked daytimes, and I worked at a bakery in the evenings, so whilst looking on the internet I stumbled across Betfair, which if you don’t know, is a betting exchange.



I honestly thought that nobody ever made money from ‘trading’, but what I quickly realised with Betfair, was that you can place money of an event to fail, which caught my interest. The reason it caught my interest, was mainly due to the fact that surely finding something that fails was much easier than something that wins?

For example, in an 8 horse race, one horse is going to win, and the rest are going to lose, right? Of course, which got me thinking. I had always been competent at maths, so I watched what happened on Betfair for around 2 months. clearly, the odds for betting the losers (that didn’t win) was much less than for placing money on outright winners.

Then I spotted Something Interesting…

I noticed that a certain outcome…

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