Personal Assistants – Not Just For Celebrities

Personal Assistants – Not Just For Celebrities

I have received many inquiries regarding Personal Assistant sets. Many of the inquires were people needing assistance but not feeling worthy of a personal assistant.

First allow me to start by ending the false perception that one must be a celebrity or very wealthy person to have a PA; this is not the case. Busy individuals, students, families; senior citizens and small businesses are employing PA sets more and more every day.

The average person’s life is filled with priorities from work, family life, groups, memberships or organizations not to mention personal life. Having a personal assistant is not just a luxury it’s a necessity for many people in today’s society.

Who Can assistance From a PA?

Busy individuals, college students, families, senior citizens, entrepreneurs and small businesses all can assistance from the sets of a personal assistant. Having a personal assistant can bring about efficiency and eliminate stress. There is a great assistance for businesses to contract personal assistant sets as they save on health, employment and payroll expenses.

What Can A PA Do for Me?

A personal assistant can provide many different sets however; many PA’s will tailor their sets to meet the needs of the individual. Listed below is a general list of sets a personal assistant can provide:

Administrative sets
o Make Travel Reservations
o Monitor & Reply to Emails
o Answer & Return Phone Calls
o Plan & Coordinate Meetings
o Open, Review & Sort Mail
o Bill Payment Assistance
o Generate Reports & Presentations
o Conduct Research
o Create Filing Systems
o Create & Update Data Bases

Errand & Messenger sets
o Grocery Shopping
o Pharmacy Runs
o Pick Up & Drop Off Packages
o Pick Up & Drop Off Dry Cleaning
o Gift Delivery
o Bank Runs

Organizing The Home & Office

Homecare sets
o House and Office Cleaning
o Manage Home Improvements

Event Planning Assistance
o Locate and Visit Venues
o Coordinate Caterer, Music, Photographer, etc.
o Order Invitations and manage RSVP’s
o Shopping Assistance
o Provide Day of Event Assistance

Can I provide A PA?

Personal assistants are not as expensive as people think. Many PA’s provide sets for a little as $10.00 up to $40.00 per hour depending on the service. A good PA will provide a consultation to discuss your needs and advise the number of hours required to adjust to your request. Many people utilize personal assistants for a few hours a month to assist with their personal and business needs.

What to look for in a good PA?

A personal assistant will have all the characteristics stated below:

A PA directly making sure the day to day goes smoothly. This can include things like scheduling, organizing meetings, making travel plans, event coordination and phone and e-mail management.

“Go-To” Person
A PA has to be able to manager a lot of responsibilities. She must be highly organized and be able to deal with a hectic day.

Upbeat Energy
A PA is regularly working and often does not have a chance to have a break. Individuals seek assistants who not only have the required skills but can also keep up with the demands of a fast-paced ecosystem and work long hours.

progressive Computer Skills
PA should have excellent computer skills for organizing spreadsheets in Excel, writing invoices and maintaining the contacts of their client. Personal assistants also have a lot of emailing and online research as part of their duties, so they will have to be able to communicate and solve problems online efficiently.

Trust & Commitment
PA deal with sensitive and personal information, so individuals need assistants that they can trust and who are willing to commit the time and efforts required.

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