Perendev Magnetic Motor – A Step Toward Cheap Energy

Perendev Magnetic Motor – A Step Toward Cheap Energy

Generators and motors powered by magnets have been in the development stage for hundreds of years. Instructions exist for one that was built in 1296. Today the Perendev magnetic motor may come closest to being commercially viable.

There is an ever increasing need for energy to heat, cool and light homes at rates that consumers can provide. It makes sense that inventors would be revisiting an old idea whose time may be now. If in fact the Perendev company has solved the problems that have heretofore baffled scientists it could average a major break for consumers.

According to various reports there is a man in Japan who is marketing household cooling fans that run on magnet strength. They need some sort of battery to get them started but then, evidently they run nicely for quite a while. seemingly they work well enough that people think the assistance is worth paying for.

Free energy will require the elimination of a number of obstacles such as friction and the law of conservation of energy. Another problem is that magnets ultimately demagnetize. But already if those issues are never completely resolved energy doesn’t have to be free to be a lot cheaper than it is now.

Cheap energy that you don’t have to pay the utility companies for would be huge. Just the fact that you wouldn’t have somebody without any order raising your rates all the time would be an enormous savings in headache medication in addition as in energy bills. Knowing that you have your own source of strength to rely on when lights go out all over the neighborhood would provide a big measure of peace-of-mind.

It would be cool in every positive sense of the information to be able to run your air conditioner in the summer without worrying that you will be spending the winter in the poor house. Whether Perendev’s Magnetic Motor is the solution or not someone somewhere is going to offer an different source of energy that will be make economic sense to homeowners. And the customers will be waiting.

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