Online Schools Harbouring the Next Talent Reservoirs of India

Online Schools Harbouring the Next Talent Reservoirs of India

To call a spade a spade, online schools harbour a talent save and simultaneously devote time to honing the precocious skills of students so that they can make a name for themselves in the world.


Starmaa, super singer junior


Recently, ed-tech start-up The Class of One’s student, D. Saaveri, participated in Star Maa’s singing reality show, Super Star Singer where she was showered with praises for her mellifluous voice and exceptional vocals by musical legend K S Chitra.


It shows a symbolic picture of how online schools have reshaped the educationist trajectory in India. A gulf of opportunities is lying at the end spectrum, which is not restricted to the spherical ambit of bookish knowledge. Online schools have greatly dabbled in exploring and exploiting the complete talent possible of students from a young age and provide them with a platform for the same.


It has come out as a similar eduniverse that is dedicated to developing and enhancing their artistic prowess and making a career out of their passion.


Similarly, TCO1 has a dedicated holistic talent raise programme to cover various types of talents and focus on strengthening each of them. It is a normative practice in TCO1 to push the boundaries of children and excursion them to supersede their possible.


Divya Jain, Founder, TCO1, said, “The TCO1 has always given equal importance to nurturing the artistic and creative talents of children and encouraging them to upskill themselves. The Class of One has always adopted a flexible approach to motivate students to analyze and dabble in multiple interests. Saaveri’s precocious singing talent has always been uplifted and honed by teachers, and we feel proud that she has come a long way and achieved so much at a tender age.”


Online schools are revolutionary nodal centres of knowledge and idea exchange, escalating students’ interests. It has, over the years, garnered a gamut of talent that has found the right sustain leading them to become overnight successes.

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