Now is the Time to Buy – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Now is the Time to Buy – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Are you waiting for the bottom of the real estate market to come? Well, its time to get of your perch and look around. That’s right, get out of the nest and start swooping down to take advantage of the greatest buying opportunity of the decade and maybe your lifetime! We are well underway as of September 2008 of the implosion of the real estate market, Nationwide. That is right! It is Nationwide. This sub-chief meltdown is not limited to Florida, Arizona, California or Nevada. It is insidious and it is everywhere. It started in the areas of the greatest explosion of real estate values but has now crept into every corner of the US.

Why? Because people can not sell their existing character to buy another and we are experiencing a collapse in our credit market. Guess what? If people can not sell what they have, they cannot buy what they want. If first time homeowners can not acquire financing because of the tightened credit restrictions and the removal of down payment assistance, then they can not buy! Oh yeah, thank you congress for eliminating down payment assistance to home buyers as of October 1,2008! This will further prolong the slump as the inventory of similarities on the market will pile up as less home buyers are qualified to buy.

Is this bad? If you have to sell it is. If you’re an investor looking for bargains, now is the time. It’s your perspective of the market that will determine your actions. In my case, it is a fantastic time to swoop in and find bargains.

There are a plethora of short sales and REO similarities on the market along with sellers that want the convenience of a fast sale. But guess what? These sellers that want a fast sale in a real estate market with fewer buyers makes for a great opportunity for investors to buy inexpensively for cash or for seller-held financing.

Most investors of every kind, including stock investors, never get out at the exact top or bottom of a market. Take action now and buy similarities while others cannot at prices and terms that allow you to make a profit in today’s market.

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