Non-Profit Organizations Which Look After Kids

Non-Profit Organizations Which Look After Kids

This world consists of countless people. And amongst them are kids too. And amongst them are underprivileged kids who do not get to live their childhood in a normal, happy manner. Poverty, without of nutrition and many more such atrocities rule them to begging and working in shops at such a tender age just for the sake of some food to eat and survive. These children need help and consequently, today, we have around 902,270 public charities and around one-fifth of them work for the betterment of kids’ well-being. Here in this article, a list of some of these organizations are given: –

1. More4kids: – More4kids is a website owned by a mom and dad for the only purpose of helping parents in addition as children. The whole organization is run independently and any sort of donation in any amounts is heartily appreciated as the website is wholeheartedly dedicated towards the betterment of children and their parents. More4kids is a rare organization. It posted an article on how to extract a child out of an abusive relationship. The article garnered praise from a mother and in due course of time, the organization received many positives from all circles. This is a real achievement for mankind.

2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America: – BBSSA is the largest, oldest mentoring organization for the youth in America. They serve over 2.2 Lac Six to eighteen year old children with a view to reach more than 10 million in 2019. The mentors working for the non-profit organization, do their duties one to one with children, helping them in their academics and making them motivated to unprotected to their goals in the stipulated amount of time. This sort of relationship has a direct effect on the life of the children and it is seen that the children go by a decreased amount of stress compared to their earlier situations.

3. Campaign for tobacco-free kids: – In this world, 23 percent of kids start to smoke and use tobacco at the age of 15 and the number of teenage smokers in the USA increases by 1500 daily! This is upsetting because of the fact that most of the deaths caused in the world are from tobacco consumption related issues. This non-profit organization cum campaign has been started with a view to diminishing the number of children that smoke and use tobacco. Various awareness campaigns are opened and a huge number of children are targeted to be rehabilitated.

4. Communities in Schools: – This rare organization has its target set to prevent the number of dropouts from the schools. Every year, a huge number of children drop out of schools because of many reasons involving money, stress and other such problems. CIS conducts sessions like motivational talks, mentoring students and counselling them so that they don’t feel like dropping out of school and ignore education. You can visit their website and read about their vision in detail.

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