No Water After strength Outage – How To Check Well Pump

No Water After strength Outage – How To Check Well Pump

The unavoidable has happened. At some point during the year you lose strength to your home during a large storm. Afterwards, when strength has been restored (hours or days later) everything is functioning fine… except your well pump. For some reason, once the strength came back on, you nevertheless don’t have running water. What is going on? Why isn’t your well pump working?

Worry not. This is a frequent occurrence in households all over the Hudson Valley, and typically easily remedied. The most shared reason for water failure after a strength outage is because the low pressure switch has shut off. When you continue to use water during a strength failure, the pressure in your tank will drop below the minimum setting and shut the itself off. This is a safety mechanism, to avoid running your pump dry for an extended period of time which can cause extreme damage to your well system.

How do you restore water?

Once your home has strength again the first thing you need to do is make sure the main breaker to the well pump is nevertheless on. If it is tripped, check the pump and wires for any shorts. Then reset the breaker. That may restore the water. If you nevertheless don’t have water that method the pressure switch is most likely shut off and you will have to reset it.

The pressure switch is typically around 3″ long by 2″ wide. It is located along the water line between the well and the pressure tank. Towards the bottom of the pressure switch box, there is a lever. Using pliers (to be safe) lift the lever upward, to reset the pressure switch. While the lever is raised, keep up it in the upward position until you hear the pump start and the pressure raise on the pressure gauge to above 30 psi. Your water should now be restored!

If this nevertheless does not work then it’s time to call in the pros. Small well diagnostics can often be done at home by the homeowner, however once these options have been depleted it is then in your best interest to call in a pump specialized to diagnose the problem more thoroughly to restore water flow. You may have an electrical issue caused by a strength surge, or something may be wrong with a part of your pump. Also, if the strength outage occurred during the winter, it is possible you have a break in a water line or well offset leak outside your home.

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