NewAir ACP-1300H Portable AC – Offers functional Cooling and Heating in One Unit

NewAir ACP-1300H Portable AC – Offers functional Cooling and Heating in One Unit

Keeping cool indoors during the blistering summer can be a problem. When the sun beats down on homes and buildings, indoor temperatures can rise to extremely levels. While an air conditioner can provide substantial relief, the electricity costs to run a standard window AC or central air conditioner can be sky-high. In addition, for those who live in apartments or condominiums, installing traditional air conditioning units may not be possible due to size or installation constraints.

Thankfully, portable air conditioners can solve all of these cooling problems and more. Portable ACs are chiefly used for identify cooling, but they are especially appropriate for apartments that do not permit window units or for homes with windows that cannot adjust to permanently installed window air conditioners. Like traditional air conditioners, portable ACs cool the air via the refrigeration cycle and also remove moisture, but unlike window or central air conditioners, portable ACs do not require any kind of long-lasting installation. They are fully mobile, usually equipped with casters, and can be moved from room to room without any trouble. However, portable air conditioners do need to be vented out of a window, drop ceiling, or wall, but this is easily achieved with the help of a window kit (usually included with the portable AC).

When choosing a portable air conditioner, there are a number of factors you should consider before making a buy, but one of the most important is a unit’s BTU rating. Portable ACs are rated in BTUs, or British Thermal Units, and the higher the BTU rating, the stronger the portable air conditioner. However, when choosing a portable air conditioner, be sure to find one that’s appropriate for your room size, as a unit without enough BTUs will not effectively cool an area while one with too many BTUs will cycle off too quickly. Here are some rough estimates:

7,500 BTUs: 150 square feet

9,000 BTUs: 200 square feet

10,000 BTUs: 250 square feet

12,000 BTUs: 350 square feet

In any case, surprisingly enough, despite the many different types of portable air conditioners on the market, there are only a handful of portable air conditioner comparisons and reviews out there to aid consumers and as such, our product team has been busy testing some of the best portable air conditioners obtainable. For this week, we came across the NewAir ACP-1300H portable air conditioner – one of NewAir’s newest product offerings. The following is our review:

First Impressions:

When we first saw the ACP-1300H, we were impressed by its size and style. Although it weighed approximately 88 pounds or so, the inclusion of large, easy-to-roll casters allowed us to move the unit from the living room of our apartment to the bedroom and back. The all-white finish on the ACP-1300H was clean and sleek, while the elongated body style was perfect for corner placement. For effortless operation, the NewAir ACP-1300H featured a clear VFD characterize screen which also illuminated in the dark. A far away control let us function the AC from across the room, while the standard household outlet did not require us to perform any additional electrical work. In fact, we were able to get the ACP-1300H up and running in just minutes.

Cooling Capacity and Auto-Evaporative Technology:

As stated above, a portable AC’s BTU rating is one of the most things to look for. As such, we were assured by NewAir that the ACP-1300H offered 13,000 BTUs of cooling, and this was true. In fact, already on low speed, it did a great job of cooling our 400 square foot living room. Furthermore, the ACP-1300H utilized evaporative technology. This meant that the unit sent all the condensate out of the window in the main exhaust hose so we didn’t have to empty a separate water contain cup. additionally, the ACP-1300H also functioned as dehumidifier (up to 120 pints per day).

Multi-Seasonal Use:

The NewAir ACP-1300H portable air conditioner could do more than just cool. In fact, it already had a powerful built-in 13,000 BTU space heater for use during the colder months. Best of all, this portable AC also featured an ionizer to remove unhealthy particles such as dust and dander, in addition as an activated carbon filter to keep the air fresh from odors.

Overall, we really liked the NewAir ACP-1300H and the features it had to offer. At less than $500, we also felt this portable air conditioner was a great value.

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