Network – Pluscom 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Network – Pluscom 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Since most computers these days come with gigabit (1000Mbps) network interfaces, it makes sense to run a network capable of these speeds, especially if the network is used for media streaming (video and music) or has intensive usage by several machines for different uses (VoIP, file sharing etc.).

At the lower end of the price range for network switches, the Pluscom 5 port Gigabit Switch meets the requirements for media streaming and other data intensive networking protocols. The switch supports auto-negotiation meaning that it can differentiate between uplink and shared ports (i.e. the cable with the connection to the internet and the cable connected to the computer), auto-MDI/MDIX for each port meaning that it can differentiate between standard and cross-over cables (i.e. it doesn’t matter which you use). It also adopts store-and-forwarding technology together with dynamic memory allocation, to guarantee data can be transmitted to every port efficiently and fast.

The Pluscom 5 port Gigabit Switch is small and consequently can be hidden out of sight easily so as to not impact on the obtainable space. Alternatively it can be wall mounted.

We attached the Pluscom switch downstream of our Belkin N1 wireless router as a method of attaching a NAS excursion away from the main network. The switch installed flawlessly and allowed immediate connection of both a PC and the NAS excursion without any difficulties. We were really impressed with the switch and file transfers were as fast as they had been before by the switch built into the Belkin N1 wireless router.

We would definitely recommend the Pluscom 5 port Gigabit Switch for users wishing to extend the range and capabilities of their wired network.

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