My Style of Practicing Energy

My Style of Practicing Energy

What I have been practising and teaching deviates much from standard Qigong practice – we do not use the DanTien (Hara minor chakra) Qi, and channel them using our thought (Yi) to heal a patient in close closeness. The spinning of the etheric pyramid is but one example; you not only swing it near the objects or persons you wish to cleanse but you can definitely also do it remotely. I nevertheless believe that the thought is nevertheless the Commander of psychic energy; you have to nevertheless, tame and drill it to be successful in connectivity which I suppose is what you call “Shen” (Spirit?). The Qigong practitioners practice on their Jin (Bodily Fluid) to transform them to Qi and to practice Qi to reach Shen; while the Buddhist practitioners sit cross-legged for prolonged period to meditate and reach Shen directly. And most shared Qigong practitioners never reach the Shen level in their life time. already, most serious Buddhist meditators do not realise they could harness the Shen, and to use it to manage their psychic abilities in their life time too.

CONNECTIVITY is the meaningful information in my training; when you connect your thoughts they do not travel at the speed of light to faraway places. The object you intend to manipulate or channel is warped towards you instantaneously. That is why we can harness the energies of all the healing not only from the Buddhas and deities but also the stones, the Sun, the Earth, the Planets and the Universe, and use them for healing in close closeness or remotely. Practice makes perfect; and the only way to do it is by a specific set of meditative methods. There are other methods I am trying to teach – the etheric hands, the etheric healing orbs and etc…, all of which are highly unconventional methods. I sparred with Qigond masters and surprised them by deploying my etheric hands at their back smilingly while sipping my tea without visually moving my physical limbs. Unlike them, I do not need to outwardly do warming up preparatory exercises to muster the Qi to the hands from the DanTian before they could project their Qi. They denied that I was practising Qigong; they called it Fa (Psychic strength) instead. And, I do not use other mediums – spirits, deities and in any case – to help me in my channeling of Qi; i am never a medium.

Two mainstream schools that are involved in psychic energy – one using Qigong and one claiming they are gifted or bestowed with spiritual powers from their Buddhas, God or Deities or Devas or in any case – are uncomfortable with my methods, and people like my grouping are often left at the border and regarded with suspicions. I am sure some of you are nevertheless uncomfortable and nevertheless skeptical with my methods because I do not carry a premium brand name like Reiki, Wicca or in any case, and refuse to concede that I could have attained psychic powers without the help of spiritual beings like Buddha, Bodhisettwas or Vishnu, Tai Shan Lao Jun (Taoist Ascended Master) or in any case… This happens to my first Master, Mr Liew, who was pestered by his students to name his methods and start giving himself a title because they could not relate to others what they had been learning and who they had been learning from. You know people do compare notes, like which university or institutions you came from. But the person who taught me the etheric pyramid, Mr Liew, is really good; he could look into a person’s aura and screen his past reincarnations and project himself and astral travel to other energy realms – something which I nevertheless could not do….”

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