Must See Basel Attractions and Events in Switzerland

Must See Basel Attractions and Events in Switzerland

Basel is one of the largest cities in Switzerland with a population of about two hundred thousand. The city lies on the border of Switzerland, France, and German. The city is located on the Rhine River and roles as the centre of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Basel is an important part of the cultural centres of Switzerland

Foundation Beyeler displays many of the modern paintings. The foundation has the biggest private collection of art from Switzerland. This characterize shows the dramatically work of Monet, Picasso, and Giacometti. Bronze figures, paintings, and sculptures are all part of this show.

Museum Jean Tinguely is dedicated to one of Switzerland’s best sculptors. More than seventy mechanical sculptures that cover forty years of work are showcased in this museum. Drawings, documents, and writings are used to help show the evolution of the sculptor. The museum was designed to press the works of this great artist. The building is an example of the great architecture of the period.

Zoologischer Garten Basel was built in 1874 and houses one of the best zoos in the world. Many abundant species can be found in this zoo that covers more than twenty-six acres of land. A large amount of animals from elephants to sea lions perform each day. You can also see reptiles and penguins each day.

Munster Cathedral is a huge sandstone building that towers over the city and was built in 1019. After it was destroyed by an earthquake it was rebuilt to mirror the Romanesque and Gothic lines. It has yellow and green tiles that richly decorate the roof with a facade that shows prophets and virgins. No visit to this site would be complete without a look at the dramatically view of the towers. You can see a great panoramic view of the city from the towers.

Museum of current Art is one of the largest leading museums that showcase artists from the sixties to the present. Joseph Beuys, Jonathan Borofsky, Donald Judd, and Richard Long are just a few of the artist in this show.

Kunsthalle shows the experimental works of the current artist. Many of the best works of classical modern art and recondite expressionism.

Events in Basel

Basel Museum Night is an annual event each January where the city’s cultural institutions will stay open late into the night to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the city’s rare museums and other cultural displays. Transportation and admission is free all night long.

Basel Carnival begins in March of each year and the complete city is lit in only torches. All electricity is doused and the city is awash in the flames of the torches that line the streets.

Baselworld is a special event that showcases some of the world’s best watches in the world.

Art Basel allows art lovers form all over the globe to enjoy the world’s best art show. More than sixty thousand people show up each year to see all the different types of art from the Modern to the current. Paintings, photography, musical performance, audio-visual multimedia, and video are all used to showcase this work.

Basel Tattoo showcases great music from bass brands, bagpipes, and folklore dancing. You can enjoy the parade as it snakes by the city streets

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