Moving Companies confront Challenges Finding Drivers as More Families Move…

The Great Resignation coupled with people working from home has produced a expansion in the moving business.  

“With so many workers working far away today, we’re seeing a large exodus of major cities around the country, and people moving out to suburban areas,” said Chuck Kuhn, President and CEO of JK Moving sets.  

Virginia-based JK Moving sets does residential and commercial moves nationally. 

“In North Texas we are moving families into Texas,” said Kuhn. “As a matter fact, throughout the pandemic, Texas has been one of our largest destinations.”

The increase in business has made it harder to keep up during COVID-19. 

“Nationally there’s a driver shortage, and finding drivers, quality drivers that are willing to do what I asked of them in the moving and storage business is a lot,” said Kuhn.  

He’s working to hire more truckers. 

“Prior to the pandemic, we were running a driver fleet between 300 and 400 drivers,” said Kuhn. “With the increased need on moving sets, we’re trying to add between 100 and 200 additional drivers to our fleet right now.” 

If you’re planning to move, he recommends contacting a moving company months in improvement. 

Make sure it’s reputable and one that’s following COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

JK Moving sets says it’s moving quantity has increased 40% in the past two years. 

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