Mobile Marketing – A Basic Guide

Mobile Marketing – A Basic Guide

930,000 customers use Bank of America’s mobile banking sets. Android handsets have doubled in growth and surpassed iPhone in the last 8 months. Mobile click though rates average 8.9% to 49% on online mobile advertising. These are meaningful reasons to take mobile marketing seriously.

There are three incompatible operating systems on mobile smart phones. Blackberry handles e-mail and corporate applications well. Apple’s iPhone, which broke the mold with its applications market and has led the industry for the last few years. In recent months, Google’s Android is now leading the pack.

So why should marketers react?

Mobile browsers is nevertheless only 1% of web traffic, but you only have to look at the demographics of mobile users. They are educated, tech savvy with disposable income. Most mobile web browsing is done while commuting. This part is the fastest growing market part at present, with mobile devices, doubling every few months.

Who is already using mobile marketing well?

Most organisations that do this well began a kind of mobile marketing program with the holy trinity of marketing, timely, personalized, actionable messages. Currently the best practice is carried out be news (think New York Times app) and media (movie and SMS ties ins etc) organisations, because they have the business form that supports it. However, there are other groups that do this well too. In Sydney, the Oxford clothing store using mobile marketing in the form of SMSs to promote its clothing sales to those that have subscribed.

Mobile Marketing App?

Almost all smart phones now use GPS to give users their current location. Reebok released a free app that allowed sports people to track their location, in turn giving more information to their coaches. This creates involvement and interaction directly with the brand. The possibilities for mobile marketing applications are almost endless. When you combine GPS with WIFI, you can have location based marketing right down to the place, direction and speed of travel.

SMS marketing?

McDonald’s, “send an SMS to Santa and receive your gift within seconds”. This led to a dramatically 25% response rate – more than 1.5 million participations in five weeks. They promoted the use of rare codes on cups for consumers to send a text message – right in the restaurant. Each code was a winner – for the first time with physical prices.

Mobile marketing is the next great pathway to customer acquisition and retention. Business promote their products using a wide range of SMS marketing initiatives, including SMS coupon delivery, customer notification of specials and sales, event based SMS advertising to excursion event participation and much more.

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