Mind Over Matter – Stopping Premature Ejaculation

Mind Over Matter – Stopping Premature Ejaculation

In the old saying, a man would often remark that ” if she doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Sure, there are a few women who do not have a sex excursion who are perfectly happy to let that part of their life decrease away, maybe giving the old man a romp every now and then, knowing complete well that it will only last a second or two and it is back to living like roommates once again. However, most men with healthy sex drives are interested in women with equally healthy sex drives and they both want to have fully satisfying sexual experiences. If you think that your partner doesn’t mind not being satisfied or that she thinks it doesn’t matter, ask her sometime. Maybe while she is packing her bags she will have time to answer that question for you. It does matter and if you ask them, women will tell you that they do mind. If you are not going to learn the keys to stopping premature ejaculation, she probably won’t be around for very long and if she does stay, no one is going to be happy.

Sex Starts In The Brain

Most people are unaware that sex starts with the brain before any of the other organs get involved. It is the brain that realizes what is happening and starts preparing the set afloat ordern. Biologically, we are meant to include in intercourse for the simple act of procreation, that’s all. The actual act itself only needs to last a few seconds for a pregnancy to occur, but for the acts that are meant for pleasure alone, a few seconds is disastrous. It becomes important to override the brain, a very stubborn organ so that you regain control of this primal and early part of your body, so that you are able to learn to better speed yourself. Stopping premature ejaculation starts with understanding what is going on in the brain and the rest of your body during arousal and intercourse.

What Are Triggers And Are They Bad Or Good?

A cause is a certain stimulus that gets a reaction from you. Whether they are good and bad will depend on the stimulus and the reaction. For example, if you smell food grilling outdoors in the summer, you may become very hungry. If that makes you gorge on a five pound T-bone steak, it is bad and you are a glutton. Sexually, a cause can be something as simple as a motion that your partner makes, a certain scent or a sound. The cause arouses you, but there are also triggers that will stimulate you to the point of no return, causing you to climax before you would like to. If you know your triggers, that is advantageous to you so that you can learn how to control your reaction to them. However, triggers change and some men never really pick up on a pattern so they are unable to clarify them. You might have a cause and never realize it.

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