Microwave Termite Kill Device Public is Pleased With

Microwave Termite Kill Device Public is Pleased With

Homeowners in addition as commercial housing and character management firms prefer clean, quick and non-toxic microwave treatment application because of all the functional advantages it offers over cumbersome whole structure poison gas fumigation.

The effectiveness of Microwave treatment is about the same as the effectiveness of whole structure poison gas fumigation, given only 2% difference of error.

1. Microwave Treatment Saves Time, Money, Sanity and Inconvenience.

The cost expense to microwave treat an average termite colony is hundreds of dollars less than a poison gas fumigation cost. Customers that contract to have microwave treatment performed instead of poison gas fumigation, are appreciatively more than willing to pay the same cost as a fumigation because they are truly saving themselves money, time and inconvenience by not needing or paying for additional permanent lodging expenses for the time period they must stay out of the structure during the fumigation course of action.. They are also not bothered with other burdensome labor related chores associated with standard Fumigation preparation procedures, such as removal of food items, trimming of vegetation, removal of house plants, satellite dishes and antennas Etc.

2. Occupant safe without risk of termite gas lethal poisoning.

Microwave Termite Treatment when applied in accordance to its label instructions is non-toxic and carries no known health risks. One reason it is so popular and in public need is because of its extreme safe use, No chemical, No poison and no risk of lethal termite gas poisoning to treated structures occupants.

Microwave termite treatment is surely the wave of the future and the intelligent “Peace of mind” choice as a preferred no poison gas termite treatment different to whole structure fumigation.

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