Michael Jackson – His Legend Lies in the Anagrams of His Name

I grew up watching Michael Jackson robotically pop by my teens and then moon walk his way by most of my adult life to what now appears to be an untimely and mysterious finish…

…But this writing is not going to be about my own emotional memoir of Michael Jackson…

…This writing will mirror the mysterious and haunting anagrams I found living amongst his name.

Anagrams that surely keep up the played out existence of his life and the legend he left behind.

Now although MJ has taken much berated grousing for his rare changes of turn up—no one anywhere has ever had the nerve to altercate negatively on his dance moves.

Because there is no argument–just like the anagram of his name MICHAEL JACKSON tells us he was undisputedly SLICK ON EACH JAM.

Just in case you don’t know what an anagram is this is The American Heritage Dictionary’s explanation-

an·a·gram (²n”…-gr²m”) n. 1. A information or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another information or phrase, such as satin to stain. Now lets continue.

From his robotic moves that began with his performance to the hit single “Dancing Machine” to his slippery glides showing off his white socks and loafers when Moon walking to Bill Jean, the anagram LA J, SOCK MACHINE quite certainly describes his creative dancing ability and the select attire he donned as distinguished and unforgettable.

And if you’re ready to read the other uncanny anagrams I found of his name MICHAEL JACKSON, I’m eager to proportion’em.

Now tell me that the two following anagrams of his name JEL HACK MOCCASIN and O! JAM CHIC ANKLES don’t sustain the conjuring image of MJ in cropped pants exposing white socks highlighting the ankles that helped him glide across the stage while wearing loafers (which are pretty nearly the same design as a moccasin) that you continuously find in MJ’s stage & video performances?

When I anagram peoples names I also like to take a peek at the placement of their stars at their birth. Oh and by-the-way, the phrase PEOPLES NAMES anagrams into ONES SLEEP MAP which when mentally untangled tells me that there are truths lying hidden inside all of our names. This knowing has me thinking that no matter what us humans can come up with to make communication easier the real truth to our own being is forever inner in anagrams.

for example, the name GENE SIMMONS is without exception equal to SOME MEN SING and OTIS REDDING is without exception equal to I DIED STRONG. But to understand this Otis Redding anagram you must know that Otis Redding died in a plane crash right after his song Dock of the Bay hit the top of the music charts.

Now getting back to the birth stars of Michael Jackson,

What I found quite disinctive is this…

…when Michael Jackson was born the planet Neptune, which (among other things) is the planet of ghouls, ghosts & horror was measuring 212 total degrees of celestial longitude which is the same numeric as the date 12/2 when his famous Thriller video premiered on MTV in 1983.

Now I want to proportion a few more eerily tangible Michael Jackson anagrams observances that seem to shout out the catapulted success he acclaimed after 47,000 people watched his solo performance of Billy Jean when Motown’s 25th Anniversary celebration was televised in 1983.

And if I creatively ordern the anagrams they sort of lilt to the sound of a poem– just like the anagrams POSES ME PLANE and N POEM PLEASES from information phrase PEOPLES NAMES tell us we could do.

The legend of Michael Jackson’s’ musical success was written in his name and the anagrams below prove it—



This N JAM A SLICK ECHO anagram surely imparts to me all the folks who wanted to do their own rendition of moon walking to the hit song Billy Jean, and

this JACK HELMS A ICON anagram is just one other way to communicate his position as the King of Pop.

So if the truth to his success and the legend he leaves behind lives anagramically hidden in his name–so than must be the truth to those ridiculous hurting-the-little-folk charges he suffered.

And although I intuitively never believed in those charges it was quite the emotional disburden to find such relieving anagrams of those charges in his name. More about those relieving anagrams can be read in a complete article on the topic of Michael Jackson anagrams at Haunted Anagrams.

Rest now Michael and thanks for the Music.

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