Maplestory Hit Point (HP) And Magic Point (MP) Washing Facts, FAQs and…

Though the basics of various techniques, equations and ideas for Hit Point (HP) washing in Maplestory are covered in other articles, there are other facts, figures and questions that might not have been addressed in the other articles.

To start things off, here are some HP numbers that may be important milestones for various situations. Unless stated for otherwise, these will be applied to most classes other than mages. Mages get a skill that allows them to reduce the amount of damage taken to HP and apply it to MP. Warriors also get strength guard which helps with physical damage (generally walking into a monster) but it doesn’t help with magic damage.

*3.6k HP – able to survive a hit from Crimson Balrogs and left Pianus’s attacks.

*3.7k HP – Safely take one hit from skelegons. This is the “end game” training monster for a lot of classes. In some versions of Maplestory, it’s no longer “the best” but is nevertheless often used.

*4.1k HP – able to survive Papulutus’s bombs making for easy solos or hb-less parties. Also enough HP for most major bosses

*4875 HP (7.8k with hyperbody) – the “magic number” for being able to survive at Horn Tail. This boss is average, but with this much HP minimum and a quick reaction for pots, you should be able to survive

*8k HP – Enough HP to survive Black Crow (A.K.A. Tengu) and Bigfoot (for warriors with Powerguard)

*18k HP – allows you to survive a slap from Anego (A.K.A. female boss), meaning the possibility of soloing this high exp boss.

*18750 HP – allows for you to reach the maximum HP currently obtainable in most versions of Maplestory when using Hyperbody

Facts and FAQs:

Though they may not be in question/answer form here are some interesting facts that revolve around many Hp wash frequently asked Questions.

*The HP/MP cap (most you can have) for all job classes is 30 000. There are rumours of it being increased but this has not happened in addition

*Resetting out of MP or HP without first putting points into one of these stats will not work. You cannot remove additional mp for a pure bonus to your desired damage stat

*You can start using Int equipment right from level one if you plan things out properly. There are bandanas, and umbrellas with a level one requirement

*Yes Int can affect MP gain when leveling or adding AP points to MP. No, there is not another stat you can add to to increase your HP in the same manner

*It is NOT possible to reach 30k HP without HP or blood washing. You CAN theoretically reach max MP as a mage with perfect or near perfect INT equipment

*The techniques in these articles for HP washing is an unofficial way to do this. There are cash shop items obtainable in some versions of Maplestory to do it which may be obtainable everywhere in the future

*If done correctly, HP and MP washing will not affect the strength of a character, but Blood washing will weaken a character’s possible damage

*Mages are rarely, if ever mentioned in any hp washing guides because the benefits for a mage are very minor for the cost

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