Male Enhancement Exercises For a Powerful Sex excursion and Natural Arousa…

Male Enhancement Exercises For a Powerful Sex excursion and Natural Arousa…

Kundalini Yoga is the most powerful discipline of yoga known to promote sexual energy. It is a form of yoga designed to stimulate energy from the base of your spine. Hence, the reference to a popular culture term many have heard “Raising your Kundalini.” Kundalini is a reference to the base chakra according to Tantrism it is called “Muladhara” a Sanskrit information meaning “root place.”

It is associated with qualities of sexual organs, the color red, psycho-spiritual, psychic and physical longing. It truly lies in the perineum area of your body; females between the clitoris and the vagina, males between the testicles and rectum.

The basic energy source of kundalini occurs with the mind. It is a union of masculine and feminine powers that create strong vigorous feelings of love and fondness. Think about this for a moment, the Kundalini is coiled energy that resembles a snake when stimulated it rises up the bone of your spine from your sexual organs creating strong feelings of love in your mind. How could you not like this yoga?

Real Kundalini Yoga is a serious practice that incorporates typical breath, mantra chanting, and poses to awaken this energy of unity for spiritual transformation It is a difficult discipline to master and is designed for more committed persons patient enough to experience the benefits of this technique.

A good understanding of your spinal cord with its complicate tissue and nerves in addition as the central nervous system will help eliminate confusion during your initial learning course of action.

Since ancient times yogis and holy men would use this sexual charged yoga to continue vitality and energy. I am going to proportion a few powerful exercises to increase your sexual potency and remove any fears of erectile dysfunction with stronger more intense energy. These poses are designed to help the sexual systems of men but they are also very good for females especially when used for spiritual transformation.

Remember to not over do these the first few times you practice them. Be sure to consult a physician as with any physical activity or if you are new to yoga exercise. It is important to oxygenate the body with these poses so be sure to practice proper breathing techniques start with something similar to the fire breath of pranyama yoga. As you continue the series change up your breath by altering with thorough long and normal exercise breaths for the greatest affect.

Get ready to be tone, balance your chakra, increase your sexual energy and have a stronger, harder sex excursion with these 9 yoga poses designed to help men have better sex.
Sexual Health Poses for Men:

1. Sat Kriya: Vibrate your sexual energy
2. Bridge present: Increase your sexual circulation
3. Butterfly present: Stretch your sexual energy grid.
4. Cobra present: Heal your Sex Chakra.
5. Plough present: enhance your complete sexual system
6. Forward Stretch present: Heal your nervous system.
7. Frog present: Work your heart out.
8. Chair present: Increase your sexual energy and strength.
9. Corpse present: Relax your mind and body.

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