Make Money Online – conquer Obstacle Number 3 – "I Don’t Have An…

Make Money Online – conquer Obstacle Number 3 – "I Don’t Have An…

Obstacle #3 to making money online is: “I don’t have any clients or prospects.” This appears to be a tough obstacle because it is of course impossible to sell products to people if there are no people. Interestingly, there are free and also paid ways to get prospects carefully targeted to be exactly the types of people who would be interested in your products. Let’s list 7 free ways to conquer this obstacle:


You can write articles on your topic of interest and then post those articles on article-hosting websites. Choose just one topic for each article, as articles should be just slightly longer than 250 words. As long as the title is powerful and the keywords are attractive and the content is interesting, then your readers will quite likely obey the request you make in your Resource Box at the bottom of the article and go to your website to leave you their name and dominant email address. Presto – you have a applicable prospect. EzineArticles is the rule player in article hosting.


Just prop up a video cam on a tripod (or have someone keep up it for you) and simply talk about your subject – either you alone or else you and an expert. YouTube is the rule player in video hosting.


This is a big technical term for a voice recording. Just talk into a voice recorder and you’ve got audio content. iTunes is a major player now in the field of podcasts.


WordPress is the rule player in blog hosting. And, it’s free. Just open an account and begin posting articles, audios and videos – yes the very same ones you posted in other places.


Open accounts at the leaders in Social Networking – Facebook and Twitter – and then post messages to tell your Facebook Friends, your Facebook Fans and your Twitter Followers that they should click on the link to go to your articles or your videos or your podcasts. They go; they like it; they give you their name and email address. That’s how it works.


Put a sentence in your email identifying characteristics, which will appear automatically every time you send an email, that directs the reader to go to one of your articles or videos.


Put that same sentence on your business card.

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