Low Level Laser Therapy In Ankle Sprain

This week I proportion two situations of mine. Ankle sprains and osteoartritis genu.

Story from my clinic

Mrs. Dianiati a lady pulmonologyst from a famous hospital in Jakarta Indonesia, slipped her ankle while went around a big mall in south Jakarta. Mrs. Dianiati did not realized that her left was not already touch the floor, she felt with her left ankle twist to the middle. It is a typical story about ankle sprain. The owner of the groceries do not understand how important to make different color between different high of the floor.

It was so painful, she could not rise closest. For few minutes she seated on the floor, her lower extremity, below the knee, began edema suddenly.

Roentgen took the day after (Tuesday), bony intact, so the diagnose was ankle sprain. I asked her to visit my clinic, laser administered, diode laser 90 mW; 12 J/cm2, with probe mode, totally 10 points.

I met her on Wednesday at Cipto Mangunkusumo, edema was gone, just swollen around her ankle. Mobility independently, used sandals, one crutch as cane, but the pain nevertheless bothersome. Saturday afternoon (3rd March 2007), I gave her diode again but this time for her pain.

(I wrote this report Sunday, 4th oh March 2007.)

Discussion: At her first visited, the laser given to relive the edema, and second visit for the pain.

Ussually the recovery will take four weeks, but at the first week, she already ambulation with minimal dependent. Edema decline because effect emitted energy laser to the microcirculation, and influenced on pain due to effect to the C-fiber activity and bradychinine. (I enclose diagram represent the time of action initiated by the energy emitted). The measure and the mode the laser delivery take important place to get best consequence. It is a therapeutic window must be understand, and also the mode to reach the site of the damage.

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