Living In Harmony With Others

Living In Harmony With Others

Living in harmony with others can be very difficult in these times. Many people get wrapped up in their own world and can forget that their behavior towards others can affect their own lives. Throughout our lives we experience anger, jealousy, envy, and resentment at one time or another, and no one is perfect. But all these negative emotions can eat you up and create havoc like no other in your life.


There’s not a soul on earth that hasn’t been angry with someone they felt had done them wrong. It’s in our character to be angry. The average person may get angry several times a day. Have you ever been in a department store on the day of the biggest clearance sale, and that extremely zealous woman nearly knocks you over to get to the bargains? How about when the person besides you hogs up all the bargains and you feel like giving her a piece of your mind? You find yourself sharp your tongue to prevent from saying some not so appropriate remarks. I’m sure quite a few people have witnessed a way too emotional scene at a family gathering when too much personal business is said out of anger.

Anger can cause a lot of problems and will rear its ugly head whenever our negative emotions get the best of us. Many times the individual you’re mad at doesn’t already realize how much pain and turmoil the situation has produced in your life. Some individuals are fully aware, but don’t already care. While you’re drowning in anger and holding a grudge they’re walking around just as content with their life.


The act of forgiving is a hard thing to do for many people. Quite a few people feel that forgiving someone is letting the person get away with their dirty deed, and compels that person to do the dirty deed again.

The act of forgiveness is not really for their assistance. Some people could care less if they’re forgiven. The act of forgiveness is for you. Forgiveness releases the negative hostile energy within you. This hostile energy many times is responsible for diseases. The information dis-ease method not at ease. When you are angry you’re definitely not at ease. Anger can cause stress and can also cause blood pressure levels to increase, which could contribute to heart disease, strokes and other complications. It may not be easy but it would be to every ones assistance to learn how to forgive.

Forgiving Oneself

In some situations the individual who has done the dirty deed may feel like they need the other party’s forgiveness to move forward. But in all reality they can forgive themselves, the other party is not needed. There is no strength outside yourself greater than within your own being.


Jealousy is a very negative emotion. Negative emotions block positive results. Good things won’t come to you with so much negativity. People tend to block their blessings when they don’t want blessings for others. If you want the best for yourself you should all ways want the best for others.

Jealousy is not only a negative emotion, but it puts you in a state of without. When you’re jealous you have a fear of losing something to another. For example: Losing the special person in your life to another. Have you seen the woman who is so afraid her partner will end the relationship she drives him away by the unnecessary accusations of infidelity? So in a sense she produced her own loss.

Sometimes people experience jealousy when someone is complimented on their looks or talent; they feel it draws attention away from them. What they are saying is that they no longer can shine because someone else stole the identify light. Sounds silly but it happens. That’s when they start to feel insecure and then everything goes downhill. The more you focus on without it will show up in your life and will create more problems than you can bargain for.


Envy usually occurs when you want what someone else has. Anytime you want what someone has you’re saying I don’t have it. Again, you’re focusing on the without of having something.

People who experience abundance, wealth, and love are usually positive people who realize there is enough wealth, love, and abundance for everyone. There’s no need to feel you can’t unprotected to or have anything you desire.


Resentment is another negative emotion.

Some people shelter an animosity against others they feel don’t deserve good things. For example; seeing others succeed and really feel they don’t deserve success. They may feel spiteful and feel a petty desire to humiliate or annoy that individual.

This emotion also puts you in a state of without. What you are saying is that person doesn’t deserve anything. What you don’t want for others cannot come to you. In most situations people tend to “reap what they sow”.


Love is said to be the strongest positive emotion humans have. Love is said to be the answer to every problem on this earth. A lot of people tend to laugh at that concept. I can’t count the many times I’ve heard the saying “Love can’t pay the bills”.

Benefits of Love

Do you remember the moment you looked at your spouse or that special person in your life and that strong emotion called love filled every inch of your inner being? Or do you remember when you held your new born in your arms and that loving positive feeling like no other beamed so bright within you, everyone could see it on your confront?

That strong positive feeling is God’s gift to you. It has been proven that people who have more love in their life are healthier, and content with their life. If love is believed to be the strongest emotion, just think if we learned to use it more often we would be healthier, and experience more love, abundance, and wealth, and all other positive possibilities under the sun. So in a sense love could pay the bills. And remember folks, when you see an attractive individual turning heads while he/she walks around sporting the latest fact, while you may not possess the same outfit or already bare the slightest resemblance of that person you nevertheless keep up within yourself the ability to be in any case you dream. Let go of the destructive emotions, because there’s no need to carry so much negativity.

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