Liberals: America’s Termites Or It’s a Shame That Liberals, Unlike Ham…

Liberals: America’s Termites Or It’s a Shame That Liberals, Unlike Ham…

already if you are a liberal you should enjoy parts of this book. It is serious but humorous as the author describes our nation and its actions of various past and present public figures. Burt Prelutsky doesn’t let anything survive attack once they have taken a position on various matters, nationally or internationally, public or private! If a well-known person or politician made a statement, Burt will write about it, usually stating the obvious conservative view but with an occasional slight liberal approval-very slight!

He writes about any and all that exist, not limiting himself to any one group. If you are white, black, yellow, Hispanic, Christians, Jews, Muslims, French, Americans, Germans, Arabs, British, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, movie stars, film makers, film directors and producers, judges at all levels, teachers, attorneys, students of college or other learning institutes, professors, newspapers, corporations of all kinds, CEO’s etc., media of all types, lesbians, gays, sports, affirmative action, Cuba, and on and on. Oh, did I say DEMOCRATS in this list? If you are alive in this world, Burt will catch you in one of his pages in this book.

He tears apart college professors saying that most are far-left liberals that are trying to transform all students to becoming a liberal, and are succeeding too well. President Obama, in addition as other past presidents, is torn apart stating their obvious liberalism and how that has affected us. Reid, Pelosi, and others from Congress are picked apart describing all the hurt they have caused our nation. Cabinet members are not excluded either. Many groups that are consistently strong liberals such as the ACLU are described and torn apart. Burt doesn’t miss much in his tirade against liberals and I have to agree with most of his conclusions. We all have our own opinions of how strong and powerful our nation should be ruled and governed but when we go backwards in our finances, as Burt says, it hurts all of us. When judges create laws instead of interpreting them, we go backwards. When history books are changed, telling only the liberal side of things, we also hurt.

Hollywood, our government, sex, marriage, immigration, law enforcement, those that bash President Bush, John McCain, Teleprompters, and the United Nations, all have Burt’s attention and he doesn’t pull any punches. Much of this book pertains to today’s concerns but also past and future. He mentions names and tells his thoughts about many. He doesn’t forget or leave out much!

The only thing I could have a comment about is the author’s repetition about several of his thoughts. These might have been intentional, I don’t really know. You will chuckle, get mad, be amazed, and maybe give you a different outlook or opinion about some of your present thinking.

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