Lest You Forget The Murder of Children

Lest You Forget The Murder of Children

To anyone who reads this article, never forget the barbaric and inhuman massacre that left three children, the youngest one, Hadas, three months old, knifed to death in their bed while sleeping along with their parents. This is not an act of revenge, politics, jealousy or already hatred; this unspeakable act was perpetrated by the graduates of a Palestinian culture and society that have been brainwashed since childhood and taught to kill what they term “the sons of pigs and monkeys.”

consequently they have become robotic humanoids with no heart and no soul, programmed to seek and destroy the vermin Jews. How else can you explain or already rationalize that a person of any religion, nationality, or culture enters under the cover of night a family home, sees a three-month old baby in her crib and slashes her throat followed by the same horrific action with an 11 and four year old child? This slaughter is nothing less than a disturbing event that dehumanizes not only the terrorists that perpetrated this massacre, but disturbingly, the society where they were brought up. Just ponder, candies and sweets were distributed in Gaza and the criminals hailed as idols after this gruesome murder.

I am asking you not to forget this massacre because, unfortunately, I believe that similar gruesome murders have been forgotten such as the murder in 2002 in Kibbutz Metzer where five victims died including a mother and her two little boys, the murder of Tali Hatuel and her four daughters who were shot at point blank range in their car, the murder of eight Yeshiva boys in Jerusalem, etc., etc. How many more child massacres can any civilized society continue to tolerate without clenching their fists and saying ENOUGH!

And who is guilty of letting these atrocities occur? The accomplices of the Palestinian authority, the international community! What was their reaction? You may say that the “civilized” Western world with all of their human rights laws would continuously inundate the media and show a modicum of horror and disbelief upon hearing about this savage massacre. What we heard were a few “condemnations” and already the hint of justification by the existence of settlements and without of peace as if the murder of a three-month old baby fits into this category.

This international community has been funding billions of dollars to the Palestinian authority and has allowed the brainwashing of young Palestinians in their school curriculum, mosques, TV and summer camps and music to demonize Jews as enemies to be terrorized and destroyed. The international community has also proclaimed ad nauseam the illegality of settlements and the “occupation.” So now we have the next two generations of Palestinians who have and will become robotic martyrs believing that their so-called “resistance” is justified by the world to commit atrocities against the Jews. The Western world has become the Palestinians’ useful idiots.

The Palestinian society has endured this brainwashing for too long without any interference not only by Israel who is always acting in the defensive under the world’s pressure, but by the international community. No piece of paper ending the so-called “occupation” will ever change this mind-set. If we are to survive in this cruel and unjust world, combat this moral corruption and avoid the wrath of the Most High, the world needs to recognize what is right and what is wrong and act upon it, challenge prejudice and intolerance, and above all, reverse the moral and legal presumptions that have cast Israel and Jews in the role of defendant before the world opinion. We cannot change the past, but we need not prolong it in the future. Let’s not forget!

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