Later Rehabilitation From Rotator Cuff Surgery

Later Rehabilitation From Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rehabilitation programs are very shared these days since many athletes and sports people suffer from rotator cuff injuries. Furthermore, there is a lot of information concerning posterior rehab after having a surgery. People can find different physical rehabilitation programs if they are looking to take control of their shoulder and arm after a medical intervention.

truly, rotator cuff surgery is a good option to solve more harsh shoulder injuries. Most of these surgeries are not invasive but they definitely cause pain and a long recovery course of action. In this respect, patients usually have to wait about three months before they start a rehab program. This period is quite important to allow muscles and tendons to retrieve from surgery. Here, the patient has to keep quiet for some weeks in order to avoid any tension or stretch.

Right after the tissue recovers from the surgery, the patient can move to posterior rehabilitation exercises. Certainly, these workouts are not supposed to cause further pain but helping tendons and muscles to move properly. It is very important to consult a physical therapist to do most of the recovery exercises. In this case, the therapist starts with passive movements of the arm and shoulder in order to relax this part of the body. After, the patient can help him/herself with similar movements by using the other hand. In general words, these exercises are meant to retrieve the natural motion and strength of the arm and shoulder.

afterward, the person can perform some stretching and strengthening movements by light lifting and rotational movements. These movements can be done after six months of starting the physical rehabilitation.

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