Know The Terrible Consequences Of Extreme DUI Offense In The State Of Arizona

Know The Terrible Consequences Of Extreme DUI Offense In The State Of Arizona

You may not know it, but if you are living in any place in Arizona, you should know the state’s strict law on DUI – driving under influence of alcohol. Did you know that this has really been sanctioned? Driving intoxicated does not only put your life at risk but you also curtail the dreams, happiness and lives of people you may victimize.

The State of Arizona has different levels of this DUI. They have the Extreme or already the Super Extreme Dui. These two situations require a higher range of penalties than the Arizona Misdemeanor DUI case. But in spite of of the gravity, this kind of offense is very serious anywhere in Arizona.

In the light of the heavy repercussions of being charged with driving under the influence, you should be aware that your defense cannot be done by your own self. As this is a very grave offense, you should need to consult a lawyer experienced in such situations. The laws pertinent to this in this particular state are very strict and regularly changing. So – when charged, you have to closest consult the appropriate legal counsel.

When caught with this offense in any state of Arizona, particularly in Phoenix, your charge will be under the extreme category should your blood alcohol content (BAC) is equal to 0.15% or higher. When the BAC reaches a 0.20% level or higher, the offense becomes super extreme.

For the first offense of Extreme DUI, your driving license is suspended for 90 days. You may be imposed a 5-year probation. Or worse, you can be incarcerated for 30 to 180 days. You can also be assessed with fines and fees depending on the BAC, with a mandatory seminar or lessons on alcohol treatment. Aside from these, your pushed car will be installed with an ignition interlock device. This is just for the first offense, and what happens in the later case charged against you?

For your second offense, the driver’s license is revoked for 1 year, just think that you cannot excursion for 1 year. Won’t you get nuts? The probation period is the same as the first offense – five years. Fines and penalties will be imposed and the prison term is 60 days to 280 days in the filthy jail. You will also be unprotected to mandatory training on alcohol treatment. Your car will also be installed with the ignition interlock device.

For a super extreme, the driver’s license is forever suspended or revoked. You will undergo a 5-year probation period and 45 days to 180 days in prison cell. Just like the extreme case, you will be in participation in the mandatory alcohol treatment program, with installation of the ignition interlock devices.

For a second super extreme offense; fines and penalties are already higher and greater including the 180 day imprisonment.

As the case is either extreme or super extreme, you should be well versed on the guidelines which can only be done with assistance from an experienced lawyer. These professionals know how the law roles and they will think of ways to circumvent the case, only to get a lower penalty and sentence.

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