Killing Silverfish – 3 Great Ways to Kill Silverfish Fast

Killing Silverfish – 3 Great Ways to Kill Silverfish Fast

Killing silverfish is nearly a sport in some households. When these critters are threatening to climb into bed with you each night then it is totally understandable why some people just want to be rid of them forever. In this article, I’ll proportion with you three great methods of killing silverfish.

Method 1 – Squish The Right Way

Squishing nevertheless works of course but you’ve probably got a load of marks on your walls, haven’t you?

Unfortunately, because most walls are porous, it can be impossible to remove all the mess and the only way to clear it is to repaint the wall.

I recommend getting the silverfish to move towards the wall by flicking it off the wall with a piece of cardboard first. Then squish it! It will stick look like a mess so use some antibacterial spray.

Better nevertheless, use one of the methods below. They are far superior killing methods.

Method 2 – Powder

Powder is one of the best methods of killing silverfish.

If these pests eat the powder then they will be poisoned and die. If they touch the powder then the rough surface will shred their exoskeletons to pieces. If they are nevertheless alive then the powder will absorb all the moisture from their bodies and kill them that way.

So you can see, powder is highly effective. The only downside is that most powders contain boric acid which is not 100% safe. Luckily, there are many natural ways of killing silverfish as you’ll see below.

Method 3 – Traps

There are many different kinds of trap obtainable for the extermination of these pests.

The first kind are your regular sticky insect traps. Silverfish are lured to the bait but when they probe they become stuck and ultimately die of dehydration.

The second kind are made from cardboard that is saturated with boric acid. When the silverfish eat the cardboard, they become ill and die because they have just ingested poison.

The third kind is a natural home-made trap. You can get a glass jar like the kind that you get jam or sauces in. Put something around the outside like masking tape – this will allow the pests to climb into the jar no problem. Next, put some bait in the jar like cardboard or any other carbohydrate. Now just wait for the critters to climb in and then get stuck because they can’t climb up the smooth edges and back to where they came from.

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