Kids Memory Match – Unity Source Code

Kids Memory Match - Unity Source Code


Memory Match is a fun kids memory game that develops great memory skills. It is super simple to learn play. This matching game is a brain trainer, which can be played any of your spare time. Match the cards with cute pictures. Test your memory while playing different levels. 


★ Supported for Android, iOS and webGL platforms

★ Gameplay contains 5 level modes and select your cute picture with colorful images of objects to be easily remembered.– Easy

★ 12 categories like animals, foods, flags, fruits, sports, sea animals, shapes, alphabets etc.(with Easy, Medium, Hard, Pro and Extreme level modes)

★ Easy to reskin and super simple to setup.

★ Well optimized code and well commented source code

★ XML Parser: saving and loading score card to check your game progress in each level.


Avoid Duplicity: Change the graphics before releasing this game on Google Play or App Store.


★ Unity3d 2019.4.0f1 or Higher


★ Open Unity3d 2019.4.0f1 or Higher

★ Create a new project and import KidsMemoryMatch_v2.unitypackage

★ Switch the project to Android Platform or iOS Platform. Go to File -> Build Settings -> Select “Android” or “iOS” -> Click on Switch platform.

★ Game has been developed in PORTRAIT MODE. Go to File-> Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Resolution and Presentation -> Set Default arrangement  as “Portrait”.

★ Go to File -> Build Settings -> Drag and drop all scenes located in Scenes folder into Build Settings window(build in scene) – Main Menu scene as first scene in priority.

★ Now Play the game from Main Menu. 

★ That’s it.

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