Keys to More Money! 3 Big Mistakes That Will Keep You Broke!

In order to make more money, you need to understand what money is.

Money is a physical representation of compensation for an emotional or vigorous exchange of sets or products, between a provider and a recipient. The provider and recipient could be individuals, organizations, or a combination of both.

Money is a measure of perceived value and quality of the service or product rendered, as perceived by the recipient. The perceived value depends on several things.

Is the service or product scarce and high in quality? Or, is it more shared and freely obtainable? Is it something that can be provided by almost anyone with little or no special training or talent? These variables influence the ‘perceived value’ of the service or product the provider is offering.

for example: A rock star is rare and is highly compensated; while a choir member is a volunteer and sings for non-monetary compensation.

An actor is rare, and is also highly compensated as compared to an additional, who is paid extent, or already less.

A bestselling novelist is a rare talent, and receives great compensation for their writings, while a magazine article writer will earn an industry standard salary.

So, when we think about making money, we must think of it in terms of sets rendered: their quality and availability.

The scope of this article is limited to making or earning money as the source of monetary gain. Gifts, winnings, inheritances and accidental acquisitions (i.e. finding a lost wallet) while mentioned, aren’t considered as a monetary source in this discussion.

Now, let’s talk about the mistakes you may be making that will keep you broke, and what you can do about them.

Mistake #1: No Plan of Action to Make More Money

This method you’re just going along, hoping that fate, or a lucky break will provide the necessary income or windfall that will provide the financial wealth and security you seek.

So, you float along like a ship without a sail, without a plan or vision that ensures you’ll have the money you need to live your life now; and no defined actions to provide for your retirement future. Maybe you don’t already know you need a plan.

Here’s what to do instead:

For you, money seems hard to come by; but there are successful, thriving people all around you. You see the evidence that money is abundant, and however you never have enough.

clearly there’s no shortage of money in the universe; so the question is, how can you tap into the unlimited source of abundance and wealth that surrounds you?

You can start by believing that it’s possible for you to tap into that source. Then, research your options. What’s obtainable to you now? What do you need to do or learn, to have better opportunities in the future?

What are your dreams… your passions? Can you make money from them? Can you ‘tweak’ them so they can be profitable?

A great first step is to network with other successful people and follow their examples. Then, make your own plan for career moves, or starting a business that will rule you to your goals.

But, the best way by far is to hire a life coach that specializes in helping people plan their futures. Your coach should have proven methods and systems obtainable for you to use that give you an advantage. They should also provide the sustain and guidance between sessions to help accelerate your progress.

Mistake #2: Not Following by on Opportunities and Ideas Presented to You

Opportunities are all around you; you’ll have many of them to choose from during your life. You may also have your own money-making ideas for a product or business. But, if you don’t follow by with any of them, nothing will every happen.

These wonderful chances for financial freedom are gifts from the Universe; more than likely they’re an answer to your prayers. But, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of them, you can’t experience the benefits and success that could be yours.

Here’s another question: Do you let the people around you, the naysayers and skeptics, talk you out of your dream? Or already worse, do you talk yourself out of your dream?

Do you let your fear, insecurity and without of belief in yourself get in the way? Have you ever thought, who am I to dream so big and aspire to such wealth?

Well… who are you to ‘NOT’ dream so big, and aspire to great wealth? You are a highly-favored, child of an abundant universe. And, everything in it is yours by divine right… simply because you were born!

So, here’s what you can do instead:

Start keeping a journal of your dreams and ideas, until you have 5 or 10 to consider. Take a few days or weeks to see which ones strike a passionate chord within you, when you think of truly doing or having that dream come true.

Then, pick the top 3 and start researching what it will take to make it happen. Make sure to research the market to see if you can make money doing what you’ve chosen.

If you can make money, it’s a possibility. If you can’t, it’s a hobby. This course of action will help you thin-down your choices already further. Once the research is done, you should be able to make a decision and then the planning can begin.

Next, start visualizing what it looks like; what it’ll feel like to have that dream or goal come true for you. Then get to work and believe you can do it. If you need more schooling or training, enroll in classes, or find a partner.

If you need partners or mentors… start networking with like-minded people who can catch your vision and help you move forward.

Mistake #3: Wishful Thinking

Perhaps you’re a master procrastinator, and are always putting things off. If you never get started, you can’t get anything done. But, let’s confront it… we all procrastinate.

It’s a behavior pattern that can be conquer because it’s really just fear in concealment. With the right coaching, tools and practices, you can reduce or completely remove its strength and influence on you and your success.

To succeed, you must find ways to motivate yourself beyond your fear. If you really want to make your dreams come true, this is one of the basic barriers you must conquer.

Here’s what to do instead:

To realize your dream, you must have determination, focus and courage. Believe in yourself, believe you can do it, follow by and take action.

Do what you must to motivate yourself, and learn to take action already when you are feeling challenged.

at any rate the mind can conceive, and believe, you can unprotected to. If you believe you can have money, cars, homes and the life of your dreams… you can! If you believe that you can’t… you can’t.

Start from where you are right now, and make the decision to be successful. Then, move forward, grab the golden ring and shoot for the moon. You just might hit it!

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