Just A Few More Reasons Not To Get A DUI In Texas

Just A Few More Reasons Not To Get A DUI In Texas

The State of Texas has one of the highest rates of accidents and deaths caused by Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in the nation.

Texas laws can convict offenders with a 0.08 BAC and can also cite offenders for having less than that in their system.

If a police officer has stopped you and he were to ask you to give him a breathalyzer test, it would be of your best interest to comply because if you refuse he has the authority to take your license away, at that point. This suspension can be up to 6 months and that’s not counting the court mandated sentence, if convicted, of 90 days to a year.

If you are not 21 and are caught driving while intoxicated, Texas law will give you a sixty day license suspension, a possible maximum $500 fine, and some community service [20-40 hrs.]. Attending an alcohol awareness class is mandatory.

But if you would have 0.08 or higher BAC, you would receive the same penalties as anyone over the age of 21, plus another charge of underage drinking.

Hopefully, your first offense would teach you a lesson with a maximum of $2,000 fine, 72 hours to 90 days of jail time, and your license suspended for 90 days to a year. But if that did not get you to wake up, the second time would get you pretty well a double measure of the above, with a maximum fine of $4,000, double the time in jail, and without your license. The 3rd time offender has a maximum of a $10,000 fine, up to 10 years max jail time, and up to 2 years of a suspended license.

All of the above depends on the severity of the offense. Ultimately the estimate makes the decision as to what punishment you will receive.

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