Israel Lodges 12,000 New situations, Highest Daily Rise Since Two Years

Covid In Israel: The country has officially recorded more than 1.4 million situations of Covid-19 infection


Israel’s health ministry on Wednesday announced nearly 12,000 new coronavirus situations, composing the largest daily rise in infections since the beginning of the pandemic nearly two years ago.

According to the figures, 11,978 new Covid situations were detected over the time of Tuesday, surpassing the country’s past record high of 11,344 situations recorded on September 2 last year.

While there were currently nearly 60,000 people with Covid in Israel, the number of serious situations on Wednesday was only 125, according to the health ministry.

Nearly 4.3 million of Israel’s 9.4 million inhabitants have received three shots of coronavirus vaccine. In recent days, authorities began administering fourth shots to at-risk groups.

On Tuesday, chief Minister Naftali Bennett expected a continued rise in situations and promoted people to get vaccinated.

“The wave now is really increasing and we expect to have tens of thousands of verified situations already in the next few days,” he said during a tour of a hospital in central Israel.

“The good news is that the vaccines work, so anyone who gets vaccinated and properly wears a disguise will probably not get seriously ill, and it will pass in a few days,” he said.

The country has officially recorded more than 1.4 million situations of Covid-19 infection, including 8,247 deaths.

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