Is Your Agent a Certified Distressed character Expert?

Is Your Agent a Certified Distressed character Expert?

It’s estimated that one in seven homeowners is currently facing foreclosure (or at the minimum one payment past due). On top of that, unemployment and poor economic conditions have contributed to short sales tripling since 2008. These are scary statistics, for sure, and they’re already more terrifying if your real estate agent isn’t a Certified Distressed character Expert (CDPE).

CDPE agents are uniquely qualified to manager Arizona short sales and Arizona home foreclosures.The agents that are CDPEs can help homeowners in Arizona’s sticky situations get the best possible outcome. Unlike other agents, CDPEs are extremely well informed and have gone by an extensive amount of training, which can help them:

  • Assist and include homeowners facing Arizona foreclosures, providing them with guidance and details about every possible different for handling distressed similarities.
  • Negotiate with lenders, which can potentially rule to lower monthly payments, a delay in foreclosure proceedings or avoiding foreclosure altogether
  • Efficiently execute an Arizona distressed character, making it as quick and painless as possible for homeowners
  • Minimize negative impacts of short sales or foreclosures on the homeowner’s credit report

Agents with CDPE designation are much more knowledgeable about all things related to distressed similarities in Arizona than standard realtors, and can be worth their weight in gold. In fact, the national average closing rate of short sales is 25 percent – for CDPE realtors, however, the closing rate is between 80 and 85 percent. If you’re serious about avoiding Arizona foreclosures, make sure that your realtor is a designated CDPE.

Why risk dealing with a foreclosure if you don’t have to? Maximize your chances of obtaining a successful short sale by always choosing CDPE designated real estate agents.

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