Is There A Way To Lower Termite Treatment Cost?

When it comes to termite treatment cost, there really is no way around to lowering it. You could try asking for a quote from at the minimum termite extermination companies and then haggling based on the prices you get from them. Don’t expect anything though, getting rid of termites is NOT and will never be cheap because one, a company need to estimate the extent of the damage using special equipment and two, it needs to use chemicals that are safe for humans.

That said, if you really want cheap termite treatment cost, you should the termite infestation assessment and extermination yourself, but that’s not something we recommend you do. Termites are small creatures and it’s rather impossible to precisely estimate the extent of damage without the aid of equipment. Also, most DIY pesticides leave heavy fumes that you don’t want to breathe into your lungs.

Anyway, termite companies do not have set packages for their sets. Rather, they go to a house, estimate the extent of the affected area and what treatments are necessary, and then give you a price quote. There will big a difference on the price depending on the square footage of your house and whether or not the termite colony has affected the integrity of your house’s structure.

Another factor that will affect the price is the kind of foundation your house is built on. A house on a floating concrete slab and a house built on a monolithic foundation will require different approaches and this will command different prices. Also, if your house has crawl spaces, that will affect the price too.

That said, you should prepare between $1,500 to $2,500 for termite treatment cost.

Terminate extermination companies will typically choose fumigation, tenting, baiting and repellant treatments depending upon the extent of the colony. None of these options are cheap but using repellant treatments is the cheapest option. However, it is only good for a new colony.

Fumigation is the oldest method of getting rid of termites. Tenting, however, is the most expensive at $3,000 for an average sized home, however, it is the most effective. This method requires sealing the house with plastic and then injecting the house with termiticidal gases.

Again, the method you use really should depend on the extent of your infestation. If you want to know more, talk with a termite control company now.

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