Is She Addicted to Sex? How to Tell If She’s a Sex Addict

Is She Addicted to Sex? How to Tell If She’s a Sex Addict

Is my girlfriend a sex addict? How often is TOO often? What if I can’t keep up? Will she cheat, stray or find someone else to satisfy her sexual urges, needs and desires? How can I enhance my stamina, staying strength and libido to make sure she stays? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of men who struggle with understanding female sexuality, this article was written with YOU in mind! disinctive to know more? Continue reading as we take a deeper dive below.

The signs of “real” sex addiction

The truth is, genuine sex addiction is NOT a shared thing and where it IS found in men OR women, it’s rarely about sex. Sexual addiction in the “clinical” sense is typically a manifestation of other compulsive behavior patterns like gambling excessively, or acting out in other reckless ways.

The good news? If you are worried your girlfriend, wife or lover IS addicted to sex, it’s probably simply because she enjoys having it with you as often as possible!~ (and probably method you are satisfying her sexual needs in ways you realize, and ways you don’t)

If you DO find that her sexual needs, wants or desires are SO frequent that they are disturbing to your lives, and you notice other strange compulsive behavior to boot? This is scarce… But it could average that there is an inner psychological issue that ought to be addressed.

Other things to consider when it comes to a woman’s sex excursion?

Most women can have both serial, and sequential orgasms, meaning she can and often will want to go longer, stronger and more frequently than our male partners, who can only climax once. (this is not a sign of sex addiction of course, just a woman who really enjoys it)!

Women have a much longer sexual response cycle than men do in addition. This method that it will take her much longer to truly unprotected to orgasm than you do. Hence, if she prioritizes climax during sexual intercourse, she may appear “addicted” to sex, simply because she wants to keep it going long after you are done.

Many women take far longer to feel sexually comfortable with a partner, but once she DOES, her erotic appetite goes UP dramatically. This is especially obvious at the beginning of a relationship, and why many men find their partners “insatiable” in the first 3-6 months of a new relationship.

Lastly, remember… when it comes to sex, there need not be too much of a good thing! If she loves sex, and more importantly, loves having it with you, consider yourself lucky and enjoy it!

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