Is Sexual Bias nevertheless Happening Against Women and Why is Feminism Lost in This Century?

Is Sexual Bias nevertheless Happening Against Women and Why is Feminism Lost in This Century?

Women nevertheless earn 72 cents to every $1.00 a man earns.

Women are nevertheless considered the main homemaker in most households and are nevertheless mainly responsible for taking care of the family and the home.

Women nevertheless average below 20% of all CEO locaiongs in this country.

Women athletes earn far less than their male counterparts.

These are unbelievable statistics and however there is no outrage or crusade against them. The feminist movements of the past have been tarnished and labeled so that most women today do not already want the title of feminist. But the feminist movement was simply about equality. It was not about burning bras and being admitted to male-only clubs. Feminism was a movement of a mindset that women should have all of the equal rights bestowed upon men. The right to political, social and economic equality. We have only had the right to vote since 1920 and the right to own character a little longer.

There have been great movements for women. The early 1900’s, the 1960’s and a smaller crusade in the early 90’s. All of these events have changed major areas for women in society and especially the workplace, but unfortunately it seems like they are too soon forgotten and never carried by to the complete possible and the ultimate goal of true equality. Why, as women are we always satisfied with part of the prize?

The truth is that most of us are afraid of the titles and judgments that society bestows on women. For example: when a women works too many long hours she is considered a bad mother and wife. If she’s confident and friendly, she is considered loose and flirty. If she’s tough, she has harsh PMS. Its the free labeling given to women. We are seen and judged by our turn up, fact, family values and motherly qualities. If we speak out of context, we are ditzy and then there are those women drivers.

The double standard that nevertheless exists in the world today is disturbing. But ladies, we can really only blame ourselves because we allow it to keep with our silence. And we definitely are responsible for the current biased by our own basic words and judgments about our fellow women who are crusading to change the sexual stereotypes that nevertheless exist. I saw an interview on television during the recent election and the women who spoke commented that she was surprised with how many high profile women, not only did not sustain the two female candidates, but criticized them. She additional how wonderful it would have been to see women supporting women the way the African-American community supported Obama. The black community cried with praise at his historic election, already if they didn’t vote for him. It was about the crusade that they have been fighting and the amazing feeling the whole community got from seeing the first African-American president. It was truly amazing. That same feeling and unity would not have happened if one of the women candidates had gotten elected. Why? Because the biggest critics of either candidate would have been other women. How can we ever accomplish anything for women when we are our biggest challengers?

As women, I believe we have so many beautiful qualities that would make us stronger if we learned how to use them in our favor. Women are emotional, genuine, compassionate, smart and gracious. We think about others first and take care of everyone we love. We will fight to the end for our families and do in any case it takes to make sure that the people we care about are safe and happy. The bonds that women have with each other are a exceptional mystery and cannot ever be broken except by each other.

The emotional level that we survive on also tends to be the downfall of our crusade. We have great emotions, but unfortunately, we also have a lot of negative ones, too. Jealousy and envy produce most of our problems unifying us as a movement. We love the drama of life. Industries focus their advertisements on our emotions. Skinny models and perfect wives and mothers. To say we get confusing messages is such an understatement. So many women have low self-esteem and depression. This then causes the basic and judgmental view we have on other women. We can never be a co-cohesive unit until we learn how to sustain each other and work together instead of as foes.

We need to look at strong, confident women as role models not challengers. We need to clarify the things that have made them successful and sustain those qualities instead of criticize them. You don’t necessarily have to like the person to admire their qualities. There are so many women who are redefining traditional roles and attempting to change the views of women in society. These women are inspirational in their leadership, confidence, independence, intelligence and strength. These same women also possess honesty, warmth, sincerity and grace. I don’t feel the need to name any as there are so many that I’m sure you could think of a few on your own.

Women have such important roles in the world and I believe that if each of us became more confident and less envious, we could make this world a better place for our daughters. I believe that if we could show them how to unite as women and sustain each other it would help make their own futures easier as women. in any case role you have as a woman; wife, mother; business owner; employee, I believe if you are proud and confident and less judgmental about other women, you will help the change. We each need to be held responsible for where we are and where we are going. If we can all unite as women and stop the cattiness that seems to unite us in drama, we can persevere.

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