Is Coach House Insurance Expensive?

Is Coach House Insurance Expensive?

Coach house insurance should not cost any more than standard home insurance. If you use a specialist insurer you will have access to a wider and more competitive selection of policies specifically for coach houses and you will pay less. Unfortunately, non-specialist coach house insurance providers tend to charge more due to the time and effort it takes to produce a one-off policy.

By using a specialist insurer that has a range of policies obtainable specifically for coach houses then they will be able to offer the insurance cheaper than using a company who are producing a one-off policy just for you. The main reason is the cost of underwriting and producing documents. As a one-off this course of action is very expensive and that will show in the premium you pay. Most insurers aren’t already sure what a coach house is! They don’t offer any provision online for non standard similarities, and call centre staff just won’t understand what the legal limitations surrounding those leasehold garages are. The risk of bad advice is extremely high and could end up costing you a lot of money!

Shop clever! Use a company that produce coach house insurance all day long! Not only will the time of action be far easier – because you are speaking to specialist advisors that understand your character and your legal limitations, but your premium will also be far cheaper because the policies are already drawn up, and policy documents are ready to go. You will assistance from a choice of policies – not having to accept what is obtainable, and with a choice comes informed decisions, and having the opportunity to tailor your policy to meet your needs exactly.

By using a specialist insurer, you will also avoid administration fees should you need to make mid-term adjustments to your policy. If your insurer did a ‘one off’ for you, making any kind of mid-term adjustment can take time, need re-underwriting and therefor incur administration charges due to the amount of work they need to do to consider the change. Specialist insurers are set up for coach houses and therefor have slick systems in place for the non-standard policy, changes and adjustments are free of charge.

If you can find a specialist broker – you are set to win further! A broker should have a whole range of specialist insurers waiting for your business, and by having a panel of quotes you can only assistance when it comes to the premium you pay!

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