iOS 6 Features and additional Functionalities for User assistance

iOS 6 Features and additional Functionalities for User assistance

Apple has released the iOS 6 update recently. This update is made obtainable for iPhone4, 4S, iPad2, iPod Touch 4 and 5. This new OS comes loaded with interesting features that will excite the user and are quite handy. Let us find out more about these new features one by one.

Maps by Apple

The biggest change that a user will notice with this new OS version is that the Google maps are no longer a part of Apple. Now Apple has its own software designed to provide the functionality of maps. You will be easily able to get clear navigation, traffic information and 3D maps. However, there is only one drawback; maps features vary the market availability.

Additionally you will be amazed by the introduction of a characterize called Flyover. As the name indicates you will be able to choose from major metro cities for the purpose of 3D views that are user interactive.

Enhanced version of Siri

Siri is the most talked about voice assistant that has been present since 1 year now. With the new update, you will find Siri more interactive and intelligent than before. You just voice out the information required including movie schedules, whether updates, position update on Facebook and tweeting.

Social Media Integration

With the new OS, you will be able to have the Facebook integration with improvement features. You can easily proportion pictures that are obtainable in your camera app. You can already proportion location with your friends via maps. Interestingly you will be able to integrate Facebook events to the calendar in your device. Similarly, you can synchronize your contacts that are in your Facebook account. All you need to do is log into your Facebook account and utilize the given functionality.

Photo flows and iPhoto

It is comparatively easier to proportion pictures via shared photo flows. Now you have an option to proportion your pictures with a group of people that you assign. Choose the pictures that you want to proportion from your Photos app>proportion>Select people to proportion pictures

People in your contacts who are using Photos app or iPhoto will be able to get the moment photo update. For those who are not using these apps they can nevertheless view pictures on web.

FaceTime Functionality

Now you can utilize the facility of FaceTime. A user can easily call or receive call using the FaceTime functionality on your iPad. This is possible using your own number. Additionally you will be able to receive alerts for FaceTime on your Apple devices. This functionality is obtainable on all Apple Devices that are supportive of this characterize.

Improved Safari & E-Mail Functionality

iCloud tab is however another characterize that you will be able to use for keeping a tab on the web pages that you have visited. This way it will be functional for you to surf web pages across any Apple device and start browsing from where you last left. Interestingly you can save your web pages via Safari so now the content will be obtainable to you offline. Additionally now you can turn on the complete screen mode, strength on iOS device (scenery mode)>Tap complete screen button. You can also update your pictures via Safari.

Now you can easily choose contacts to add them to your VIP list. Whenever you receive any e-mail message from your VIP list, you will be closest notified about it. For uncommon your e-mail you just need to use the swipe functionality, additionally, you can add pictures and videos to your e-mail.

Panoramic View

iOS 6 has included a new app that is applicable to iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5th gen iPod users. This is a new camera app that facilitates the user with capturing pictures in a complete-blown view of 240 degrees. Use this app when you are capturing a pictureque view.

Call and DND Functionality

If you are busy while a call arrives on your iPhone then you can choose to decline it and immediately send a text message. Additionally you can schedule a time on your iPhone to get back to the caller by setting up a call reminder.

For those bothersome callers that you want to keep off your back you can choose to send them to your DND (Do Not upset) list. You can already choose to receive notifications and calls from the contacts additional in your VIP list.

iOS6 Passbook

iOS6 enables you in managing all your details related to loyalty cards and passes with Passbook. Details related to coupons, tickets, boarding passes, and more such stuff is easy to store and manage. Now you can quickly check for the related information in your iPhone or iPod touch. Additionally you will get alerts about the expiry of the stated coupons and already the balance enquiry about your cards.

The above given features will make your life uncomplicated and responsibilities easier to manage; however, you need to check if these functionalities are obtainable in your own country.

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