Interview With Psychic Medium Denise Lescano

I have been doing reviews of psychics and psychic mediums for quite some time now. I have interviewed and reviewed some of the most accurate and insightful psychic mediums. It’s not nearly as exciting for me as it used to be, but every once in a while I nevertheless get that “sitting edge of my seat” kind of reading that blows me away and raises the bar for future psychics. My psychic medium reading with Denise Lescano was just such a reading.

Denise provided me with very specific detailed information. This information was not known to anyone but myself, and it was so detailed, that there is no doubt that these were not good guesses, and that she was connecting with the other side.

When she does her readings and the spirits are communicating with her she is shown things clairvoyantly, she senses spirits emotionally (clairsentience), and is given information telepathically. Denise is a psychic, medium, animal communicator, and medical intuitive all wrapped up in one. The details she gave were in no way good guesses.

Psychic Medium Reading with Denise Lescano
She gives a very good overview of how her readings work, and the structure that she goes by. She gives you a choice; mediumistic reading or psychic reading as a focus. She employs both her psychic abilities and her mediumistic abilities typically, but gives you the choice of which direction to go in.

She starts by asking you to be calm and to think of anyone you want to connect with. I took a few breaths, and she was off and running. She described my job in great detail, and knew details of the work that I am currently doing. She knew what my company did for the government. She knew where I lived when I was growing up and described my relationship with my father like she was reading it from a book. She knew I was in the military and that my father was in addition. She knew my parents separated when I was younger and gave very specific details about my childhood relationship with my father.

As a medical intuitive, she precisely described a medical condition that I have had for the past few years. She truly gave me the medical term for it like she was reading it from a medical examination report. She is also the second medium that has told me that I am lactose intolerant. Because of this I have since had it checked out and confirmed by my doctor.

She connected with my grandmother and great grandmother and told me that my great grandmother was showing her a necklace that I was wearing. She knew what kind of metal it was and described the symbol that was engraved on it. It is not a very shared symbol at all. I don’t typically use jewelry, but had just recently decided to use it in honor of my great grandmother (the healer). I thought it was funny when Denise said “Your great grandmother just wanted to show a little something additional as proof to you.” This is because I am the world’s biggest skeptic, and in meditation I do ask my great grandmother for “proof” I can almost see the smile on her confront as Denise described the necklace to me. I laughed out loud, because I am always asking her for proof, and here she was telling a medium from the other side about the neklace for proof!

Probably the most amazing part of the reading was when Denise described 4 dogs to me. I had two dogs, but one (Greta) died back in February. About three days after that my neighbor’s dog (small white West Highland Terrier) also died. Greta and her dog were very friendly, and always played together. My sisters Golden retriever also died about a month later. I remember when the dogs had died I kept thinking what my mother always used to say “Deaths always come in three’s”. I also remember humouring myself and thinking that the two dogs were now crossed over together and probably hanging out together.

When I asked Denise about Greta, she said she kept seeing a small white dog, and she described my neighbors dog to a T, copy and all. At the time I didn’t know what she was talking about, but later I realized she was seeing my neighbors dog which had died three days after Greta. She then described Greta very precisely and asked me if she was blind in one eye when she passed. She was. Then she went on to tell me that there was another dog besides Greta with my grandmother on the other side. She said it was a Golden Retriever which could not walk and was dragging her back legs in the end. This is all correct. My sister had to put her Golden down because she could no longer stand up and walk. She got the copy and the condition the dog was in just before she had died. Unbelievable As if that wasn’t enough, she started talking about my other dog Salem (nevertheless alive). She asked me if he had a scar on his ear, and he does.

I am convinced after talking to Denise that our pets do cross over, and are waiting for us on the other side.

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