Interesting Facts About The Electric Fence

Interesting Facts About The Electric Fence

The electric fence has been being used for more than one hundred years. Ranchers first started using the electric fence as a way to keep cattle in and keep them from being injured by the fencing material. Barbed wire was the most frequently used cattle fencing before the invention of the electric fence, and barbed wire could be dangerous to the animals.

The electric fence that is widely used today was first produced in New Zealand by inventor William Gallagher. In rural locations the use of electric fencing will keep animals inside the perimeters of a pasture, but the signals that function the fencing also can interrupt radio stations, internet signals, and television reception. When interferences such as these are noticed there is usually a problem with the fence within a mile of the interception problems. When the fence is examined somewhere within a mile there will be a portion of the fence that is having an arc or a spark in the hardware.

Regular maintenance of the fencing can prevent the short circuits that cause interruptions in the reception of radios, televisions, and internet service speeds. Insulators should be frequently checked and replaced when they are bad, and all vegetation growing near the fence should be trimmed so that it cannot touch the fence and cause a short circuit.

Electric fencing is as good at keeping things out of an area as it is at keeping things inside an area. Cattle and horses are often contained with the use of this kind of fencing, but these animals are also kept safer because the fencing keeps predators outside.

Many people who raise animals that are often placed under attack from predators utilize the electric fencing to keep their animals safe. This includes chicken farmers, rabbit farmers, and already the breeding and birthing areas of all farm animals.

This kind of fencing can be established outside of a child’s fenced play area to keep wildlife and nuisance animals from penetrating the area where the child will be playing. You want to establish a perimeter fence between the electric one and the area where the child will be playing to safeguard the child.

The use of electricity in hidden fencing is popular for homeowners who want their perimeter to be clean, and in addition want their animals to be kept in. Many dog owners use the hidden fencing to keep their pets from leaving a certain area. The fence material is buried beneath the ground. The animal has a collar that they use to cause the fencing when they get to near.

When the animal gets within a certain distance from the fencing perimeter their collar will cause an alarm that stops the dog from crossing the underground fence. If the dog continues forward after they hear the alarm a shock will be administered by their collar. The animal quickly learns to associate the alarm with the pain of the shock and they stop when they hear the alarm sound.

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